Heist is hosting a flip-cup tournament this weekend (for charity)

Heist is hosting a flip-cup tournament this weekend (for charity)
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I never thought skills that I developed during hazy frat parties would have any real-world use, much less be considered “charitable.” (I’m just glad I made it out intact, honestly.)

Yet on Sunday (June 26), it’s time to dust off any dormant “flip cup” skills hiding like skeletons in the closet, as Heist Brewery is teaming up with local nonprofit The Lunch Project for “Flip Cups, Fill Bowls,” a fundraiser/tournament to take a bite out of child hunger.


If you’ve never played flip-cup, or if simply need a refresher, the rules are simple: it’s essentially a relay race where participants “empty” their cup, place it upside-down on a table’s edge, and “flip it” so it lands right-side-up on the table, which is the cue for the next team member to begin the process. Wikipedia even has a helpful stick-figure demonstration:

Flip Cup.gif
By As09rlOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17218407

Now, for the nitty-gritty specifics on the “Flip Cups, Fill Bowls” event.

For the low cost of a Hamilton per person (the $10 bill, not whatever those Broadway tickets go for these days), teams of six square off and compete for a slew of prizes. Grand prize is a Heist Brewing gift basket loaded with $250 of swag, plus an invitation to design & brew a beer with Heist’s brewmaster. Runners-up can land club-level seats to a Charlotte Knights game, provided by Krusch & Sellers, P.A.

Don’t have a full squad of six? Don’t worry; event organizers will help match up partial teams, so be prepared to make new friends.

Then there’s the raffle prizes, as if the provided illusion of youthfulness wasn’t reward enough. Additional packages are up for grabs from Queen City Pet Service, Healthy Eaton, Koko Fit Club, Coreology, and Orange Theory, with tickets running $5 apiece (or 5 for $20).

All proceeds from the “Flip Cups, Fill Bowls” event benefit The Lunch Project, a Charlotte-based non-profit. Internationally, this organization funds lunch programs in Tanzanian primary schools, giving the children there the fuel to learn. Every $100 donated to TLP is converted into an impressive 900 hot lunches. Stateside, TLP works with 25 schools and community groups across Charlotte in their Global Empathy Education effort. More than 5,000 local students benefit from a curriculum that helps them develop 21st century skills such as problem-solving, empathy, and citizenship.


Regular old Sunday Funday is great and all, but if your routine is becoming stale, head on over to Heist Brewing on Sunday. I can’t promise you’ll fully realize your former flip-cup glory days, but I can promise you’ll help do real good in the world.

“Flip Cups, Fill Bowls,” hosted by Heist Brewery on Sunday, June 26, at 5pm. Entry runs $10 in advance, $15 day of event. Proceeds benefit The Lunch Project. Additional details and registration information can be found here.

All images courtesy of The Lunch Project. 

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