The 10 best restaurant patios for people with pups

The 10 best restaurant patios for people with pups
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I just got a dog and her name is Esther. She’s really cute and I think I’ll keep her. Even though Esther isn’t cleared to be out in public for another few weeks, I’m already excited to bring her along to some of my favorite Charlotte restaurant patios. And, no, I don’t mean breweries or dog bars. I mean real restaurants where they have waiters and waitresses, a full menu and ideally a very long dessert list. 

Since I know I’m not the only person in Charlotte who loves dogs and delicious food, here are ten best pet friendly restaurant patios in Charlotte: 


(1) Hawthorne’s Pizza

Hawthorne's patio dogs

Maybe it’s because I live down the street. Maybe it’s because my idea of a food pyramid is a slice of pizza. Or maybe it’s because I have used my oven three times since I moved into my apartment. No matter the reason, I find myself at Hawthorne’s Pizza at least once a week. Their porch has ceiling fans, plenty of seating and soon, Esther.  


(2) Fiamma

Fammia Patio dog

I never hear anyone talk about Fiamma and this confuses me. Located in the same strip as Ru San’s and Fran’s, Fiamma has ridiculously good upscale Italian food. Sure, it’s pretty pricey, but it’s a great place to go when your parents are in town and footing the bill. (JK Mom and Dad. Sort of.)

Is Fiamma the fanciest restaurant in Charlotte that allows dogs? According to my six minutes of Google research it is. 


(3) Cantina 1511

Cantina Patio Dog

First, I want to mention that until I started writing this article I had no idea that Cantina 1511 had numbers after their name. Cantina “1511” is by far my favorite Mexican restaurant in town. You may fight me on this but I won’t listen. Their tableside gauc, queso with a little burner underneath and huge pup friendly porch make Cantina the perfect place to slam three pounds of chips before you even get your entrée. 



Rocksalt patio dog

Not only does ROCKSALT allow Esthers, it also has the best Oysters Rockefellar in Charlotte. Just be careful sharing any raw fish with your pup, it can cause parasitic infections. And yes, there is a WebMD for pets and I visit it daily. 

Bar food

(5)Angry Ale’s 

angry ale's patio dog

Angry Ale’s has my least favorite food on this list. However, they are very accommodating to dogs, which is why I’m going to let their mediocre menu slide. Angry Ale’s has been known to serve ice water bowls and even a grilled chicken breast to your pup.

Soft Pretzels

(6) The Liberty

the liberty patio dog

I’m aware that The Liberty has other food options besides soft pretzels, but I don’t care. The only things I care about are their buttery, salty, carb knots and I won’t apologize for that. Beer cheese, soft pretzels, actual beer and Esther by my side is my version of heaven.  


(7) Mac’s Speed Shop

mac's patio dog

Besides having the most frustrating parking lot in Charlotte, Mac’s Speed Shop has one of the best patios. If you haven’t been to Mac’s since they’ve done their porch updates, you need to check it out. Also, I’m pretty sure Esther is going to go nuts with all the brisket smells floating around. 


(8) Sushi 101

sushi 101 patio for pups

Sushi 101 doesn’t have a full patio, just some tables outside. But they made this list since they make bad a** rolls and it’s pretty rare to find a sushi restaurant that allows dogs.

(9) Seoul Food Meat Company

Seoul Food patio dog

Seoul is along the new Church street strip (along with Craft and the glorious Golden Cow Creamery). I’m not a huge pork belly fan but any restaurant that is pup friendly and serves ramen mac and cheese is a place I want to be. Also, rice liquor. 

Breakfast/ brunch

(10) Zada Jane’s

Zeda Janes patio dog

Let’s pause this article and take a moment to look at Zada Jane’s website. 

zeda jane's website

Why does it have a large clip art rooster and a section for “PDF Downloads?” Can’t one of the amazingly talented Plaza Midwood web designers (I know you’re out there) give Zada a hand? 

OK, sorry, I had to get that off my chest. Even though the rooster site is rough, I’ll forgive Zada Jane’s since their biscuits are excellent and they allow Esther and I on their enormous patio and shuffleboard courts. Well, hopefully after reading this they still allow Esther and I on their enormous patio and shuffleboard courts. 

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