4 reasons Bonchon might actually succeed in the worst Charlotte restaurant location

4 reasons Bonchon might actually succeed in the worst Charlotte restaurant location
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Bonchon, a Korean fried chicken restaurant, will open in about a month in Parktowne Village underneath the Libretto’s.


It’s one of the funkiest locations in Charlotte as evidenced by the frequent turnover.

Not sure exactly why this location is cursed — especially since the popular Park Road Shopping Center is right across the street.


Bonchon will do to for this location what Kid Cashew did for their location on East Boulevard — break the restaurant curse. Here’s why.



(1) Bonchon has some serious fans. Since their 2002 birth in Busan, South Korea, the restaurant has been covered by the New York Times, Esquire, Washingtonian, CNN, Boston.com and more.

I talked to a Bonchon frequent customer and they told me, “I don’t know how to explain it. You just need to try the chicken. It’s so good.” You can read all over the internet on how addicting this Korean fried chicken is.


Chicken via Bonchon.com

(2) It’s not Bonchon’s first rodeo. The have about 200 restaurants and are growing, fast.

Bonchon also has a large international presence.

(3) Their Korean fried chicken is different. Prices start at $10.95 for 10 pieces and you’ll have the option of wings, drums, sticks or a combo.

Korean style uses unseasoned chicken just barely covered in fine flour and dipped into a thin batter. After 10 minutes in 350-degree oil, it’s strained and cooled for two minutes to keep the skin from browning and to get rid of the crumbs. When it’s cooled, it’s put back in for another 10 until the chicken is smooth and golden brown with no fat left over.


Diner’s options. via Bonchon.com


Korean Fried Chicken via Bonchon.com

(4) Sauces are delicious.

Here’s your sauce choices.


Sauce options via Bonchon.com


Noodle bowl via Bonchon.com

Will Bonchon win in Charlotte? My guess: Yes. Charlotte likes chicken.

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