All dudes should get their hair cut at Ruth’s

All dudes should get their hair cut at Ruth’s
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I do not like fruity things on my hair. I like sunscreen or a hat.

So, when I get my hair cut, I like it without the frills and nonsense. I’m a firm believer that a man should never spend more than $15 on a haircut. Actually, I don’t believe that anyone for that matter should spend more than $15 on a haircut. For all of those reasons and a few more, I believe Ruth’s Hair Styling Salon is the greatest place in Charlotte a dude can get a haircut.


Here’s why:

  • It’s affordable. $12 gets you a haircut. Boom. Spend your $60 on a Panthers ticket.
  • The place feels more like a neighborhood bar that’s been serving cans of Budweiser for years than it does a haircut place. I was shocked when I found out it’s existed less than five years.

“Our 5 year anniversary party will be on August 29, 2015. We will provide some beer, lemonade, and snacks. Feel free to bring a snack to share or alcoholic beverages. Come celebrate with us.” via Facebook.

  • I’ve been in only one time when they did not have Maury playing on the TV. Every other time, without fail, Maury was on. I like listening to Maury more than I like listening to terrible Supercuts music.
  • They don’t force Paul Mitchell products on you. Or any products, really. Get in, get out, get on with your life.
  • They’re fun to talk to and they talk like actual humans. No uncomfortable questions about school or work. Or your dog or your significant other.
  • They’re insanely quick. You can order Chinese food from Bei Jing around the corner, get your haircut and come back before your food is ready (Bei Jing is speedy).
  • They’re not a chain. Instead of Great Clips, Ruth’s.
  • You can tell your friends you went to a salon. They’ll think you’re fancy.

Get the fruit out of your hair and get to Ruth’s.

Ruth’s is located at 216 E Park Ave. in South End. It is open Tuesday-Friday 10am-5:30pm and Monday’s and Saturday’s 10am-3pm. No appointment is required.

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