Mailbag: Top 20 letters on engagement photos, Thai food, Steph Curry and the JFG sign

Mailbag: Top 20 letters on engagement photos, Thai food, Steph Curry and the JFG sign
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form (not social media, everybody already sees that). We get a ton of feedback — this is not close to everything (it’s about 5%), but it’s a good sample.


“I’m in dire need of help. You see I live in Plaza Midwood and we have some amazing restaurants. We have the new Moo and Brew which you’ll likely be writing about soon. We have Pizza Peel, which is great for our kiddos. We have Akahana which is great for no frills sushi and Asian inspired dishes. We have Hawthorne’s Pizza..another child favorite. We have Comida which is a great addition. What we don’t have is a Thai restaurant. We need one in the vein of Comida or Moo and Brew with flexibility for family night or date night. I’m hoping you can put out a call of action to all those restauranteurs you cover in hopes that Plaza Midwood could continue the evolution with a banging Thai restaurant. Thank you in advance.” K

In response to: Meet the Charlotte guys who train Steph Curry

“Providence Day School hosts an Accelerate Basketball Camp every summer. It’s called Basketball PDS/Accelerate All-American. It’s offered the week of July 11-15, for rising 4th-12th grade boys, from 9am-12pm, for $200. Brian Field will be co-coaching it with Accelerate staff. He’s amazing! Brian is the head boy’s basketball coach at Providence Day. Under Brian’s coaching, they have won 4 straight CISAA Championships, this year’s NCISAA State Championship, and were one of eight teams selected from across the country to participate in the Dick’s Sporting Goods High School National Championship in New York City. My son plays basketball at PD. I’d love for more boys to come to this great camp so he can play with other talented kids this summer!” -PD Bball Mom

In response to: How to get Poppy’s bagels for half the price

“I can’t believe you guys seriously ran an entire story about how to find a certain type of bagels in a grocery store. What’s next? How to find beer at a brewery?” – A

“How to get Poppy’s Bagels for Half the Price? Go to the grocery store. Brilliant reporting! Definitely headline worthy. Thanks for blowing the lid off that one! And they say the free press is dead.”

In response to: I almost got scammed by a “roommate” on Charlotte Craigslist

“I just want to thank Jessica Dionne for her blog on scam room mate alert. I live in Las Vegas and googled the person responding to my ad on Craigslist and this blog popped up. the same EXACT reply was sent to me. I am grateful that I saw this article. I requested that the author of the scam to no longer contact me as I know they are fake. This should be reported but I don’t know to whom.”

In response to: Dear Agenda: I just turned 21, where should I be going out in Charlotte?

“As I speak out on what to do as a 21 year-old in Charlotte, I can’t help but feel like an old person. I assume this is where we send in comments on articles? You kids and your technology! In regards to the “Dear Agenda” article today, I am personally offended Dandy was only mentioned in 2/4 of the responses. Hands up for my ladies, Kylie and Katie, for knowing what’s up (even if it is by dissociation)!” – Sincerely, An avid Agenda reader

In response to: The Charlotte Glossary: A newcomer’s guide to translating Queen City speak

“History fascinates me. After reading “The Charlotte Glossary” I thought you might be interested in the factual history of the Myers Park development. (I know your article was typed partially in jest.) Booty Loop The name dates back to when the Queens was an all female college and the returning soldiers used to stand at the “waiting” arch for transportation and watch booties…The design of Myers park and why the streets were built as such is fascinating at least to me they are. Here’s a brief history of why it’s is shaped as such.” – Regards, S

“Loved the Charlotte Glossary, but I have to say you missed a big one! Montford. You know when someone says they’re going here it’s for a night out at the bars along Montford Drive. Definitely good to know for young Charlotte transplants.” – L

In response to: Mediterranean street food concept Yafo Kitchen is now open in SouthPark and will dominate

“Ted, thanks for the great article. I’ll get the documents sent over later today.” – Frank.

“I wanted to love it. And I definitely will go back again. It’s just… I felt that the entres should have come with a side scoop of rice. My daughter asked for a side of rice and it was 2.99 for a small bowl. I ordered a wrap for 12.99 and it had nothing with it. That’s a bit pricey. It was nice to say hi to Frank. I mentioned Cantina1511 and he said he sold it off a couple years ago. That is my favorite place. Just a small logistics thing, but you have to walk right through all the people in line ordering their food to get to the bathroom. It should have been placed in the dining room. The food was good. I am still tasting garlic 3 hr later. We were not the only ones saying we read it in the Axios Charlotte. He should have offered a free drink if you said you read it on Axios Charlotte”. – D

In response to: Inside Carolina Foods, the commercial bakery that makes South End smell like doughnuts

“We can smell the deliciousness all the way over here in Dilworth. I loved hearing the inside scoop about this place.” – H

In response to: Bar Charlotte has closed. A new venue is taking its place

“I’m not on fbook or Instagram so will comment this way … My wife and I met at BAR Charlotte in 1998, she was at a bachelorette party, I didn’t have that good of an excuse to be there … (yes still married !). Anyway, yes fun times! Wish we could have made a last appearance!!! Thanks for the daily update.” – T

In response to: The 5 most unoriginal Charlotte engagement photo locations


In response to: Dear Agenda: Where should I host a birthday party for a 30-something?

“My friends came up with a fun idea for my 60th that would be good for any age. Even twice as young as me. Lol They scoped out locations around light rail stops first then planned a birthday trail. This was fun for them doing the pre trip planning weeks before my birthday. I knew nothing except to meet uptown at a hotel Sat am with three close friends. The four of us got on the light rail uptown towards South End The first stop the four of us had a birthday breakfast, mimosas, Gifts, etc. I thought we were done except maybe hanging out for the day somewhere. They had me back on the light rail next stop we went to a close restaurant at that stop about 15 friends and family were waiting for us to celebrate. I thought we were done again. After martinis and bloody Mary’s, gifts, etc. we all got on the light rail. Next stop at another restaurant about 15 more friends waiting. Celebrations, lunch and shots. I again thought we were done. We all again got back on the light rail to another location where more friends were waiting. Again more fun and celebrations. I gave up thinking we were done. From this stop we all walked to another location in next block for celebrations, outdoor corn hole and fun. By this time we had a pretty big crew all wearing celebration t-shirts with a 60th slogan for the occasion. Last at the end of the night we original four and a few more who planned to stay went back to the light rail to uptown and had a night cap and stayed at the hotel. It was fun not knowing where I was going or who would be at the “next” stop. Lots of fun, laughter and surprises. Thought I would share.” – S

In response to: What Charlotte startups actually need from Charlotte

“What Charlotte start ups actually need from Charlotte. Customers. Huh, I thought for sure the answer was going to be ‘on point cocktails from 204 North’. Live and learn.” – A

In response to: How I Work: Azam Mehdi, partner of Georges Brasserie and Kid Cashew

“There are tiger moms with blogs that talk about their kids less than you talk about Kid Cashew. We get it. They have cocktails. Let’s close down East Blvd and have a parade.” – Adult Almond

In response to: The historic JFG sign at the Music Factory is for sale on Craigslist

“Through the grapevine this is what I have heard: The JFG Sign has been sold. New home, for public display I HOPE. Thanks for the article on that this morning. Next story you should focus on while Charlotte gears up to be on a ‘save our signs’ high…. where is the Amity Gardens Shopping Center sign which was ‘saved’ in 2010? Historic Charlotte promised to refurbish and restore the sign to the skyline, however that has not happened. And it was a BEAUTIFUL sign. Much cooler than JFG which is crazy to comprehend! Google it. “Amity Gardens Shopping Center sign saved Charlotte, NC” You’ll have to dig for pictures since it has been so long. Interesting plot twist….back in 2010 when the JFG sign was at the center of the news, the company (JFG) actually donated THOUSANDS of dollars to a “Save Our Signs” fund sponsored by Historic Charlotte.” – D

In response to: Moving against gentrification: Here are your action items

“Thank you for this article on gentrification. Division is never good… let’s work with what we have and make it better. Asians do this all of the time, they don’t create… they improve upon! My husband grew up in the West Side Corridor and we would like to move back but due to gentrification (among other things), we have to be real strategic and call upon people that we know already there to help us find something affordable! Thank you for being authentic and ‘stepping on toes’… Big Toes. We all want the same things in life… food, health, education, jobs and quality of life. Come on people!!” – C

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