Top places to buy Jewish food in Charlotte

Top places to buy Jewish food in Charlotte
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It’s Friday afternoon and you’re sitting in rush hour traffic on I-85 when you realize that your in-laws are coming into town, and you promised that you’d make Shabbat dinner for the family. Instead of stopping at your usual grocery store and panicking when they may or may not carry the kosher food you’re looking for, visit these stores.

Gleiberman’s Kosher Mart- 5668 International Drive

Literally, they do it all — grocery store, restaurant, catering, baked goods, and deli. If you have the time, Gleiberman’s is the place to go for any and all Jewish food wants and needs. Also, order online via email using their website.


Trader Joes- 6418 Read Rd, 1133 Metropolitan Ave, 1820 E Arbors Dr

This place has tons of Kosher and Jewish food. Some of the labels have a “Kosher” indication. But to save time, have a game plan. Check out this list of all Trader Joes’ Kosher products and write down the ones that you want to buy. Also has pre-packaged Challah.

Top pick: Kosher Meat


Poppy’s Bagels- 2921 Providence Rd

Poppy’s Bagels is a great place for catering. Try ordering bagels, lox, and cream cheese for your next brunch.

Top picks: Matzah ball soup and potato latkes with applesauce.


New York Deli and Restaurant- 8045 Providence Road

New York Deli and Restaurant is your classic Jewish diner. Noodle Kugel, tons of Rueben sandwiches, square knish, and smoked fish platters.

Top picks: Angus beef pastrami on rye

photo via serious eats

photo via serious eats

Kosher Charlotte- 5007 Providence Rd

Kosher Charlotte offers delivery, pick-up, and catering. They deliver Wednesdays between 4-8 p.m. to addresses within twenty miles of their Providence Rd. location. Can’t find a Kosher food item that you want? Use Kosher Charlotte’s Kosher Food Finder. Send them the name of what you’re looking for, and they’ll email you about where to find it.

Top pick: Chocolate Rugelach

photo via Chef Times Two

photo via Chef Times Two

Phil’s Deli– 4223 Providence Road

Phil’s Deli (open 7 a.m.-3 p.m., 8 a.m. on Sundays) offers a variety of Jewish foods– matzah ball soup, matzah brie, lox and cream cheese, as well as a full menu.

Top pick: Matzah Brie (for you rookies, matzah brie is essentially french toast but with matzah instead of bread).


Publix- 2222 South Blvd, 11222 Providence Rd W

Don’t have time to cook? Get your frozen Jewish food here. A part of the frozen food section is dedicated to Jewish eats. Just ask an employee where to find it.


BJ’s- 900 Metropolitan Ave

Are you hosting a summer barbecue and need a lot of Kosher dogs? BJ’s Wholesale Club is the place to get your kosher meat in bulk.


Skip the Teeter, which may or may not have Challah when you need it. Instead, get it fresh at these Charlotte bakeries.

Nova’s Bakery- 1511 Central Avenue

Fresh with golden goodness. Call ahead on Fridays- these guys are hot commodities according to Nova’s.


Dean and Deluca- 6903 Phillips Place Court, 7804 Rea Road, 201 South Tryon

Challah baked to perfection. Tip: if you don’t see these challahs out, ask the baker to see if they have some in the back.


Polka Dot Bake Shop- 1730 E. Woodlawn Road

Specially made for Shabbat dinner on Fridays starting at 10:30 a.m. Get’em before they’re gone.


Great Harvest Bread Company- 901 S Kings Dr

These challahs are the perfect addition to your Shabbat table and are specially made on Fridays.

photo via Bread and Rice

photo via Bread and Rice

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