Boem Boutique is bringing California style to Charlotte

Boem Boutique is bringing California style to Charlotte
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Clean, crisp, new and hip are the vibes Boem boutique wanted to create when they changed their branding from Scout & Molly’s.

The high end boutique is something out of the streets of California. The laid back vibe is radiating from every corner of the store. From packed racks of tie dye and floral prints to stunning one of a kind gem, you are sure to find something unique while shopping there.


Owner Megan Orrell came up with the word Boem, which is bohemian in French (boheme) but spelt phonetically.

For all of you that were confused where Boem came from or where they get their inspiration from you can be sure to know it is West Coast vibes and festival styles. The first things you notice when walking in are cacti, dream catchers and graphics of beach scenery that are sure to satisfy all your inner hippies.

They carry just about anything to fulfill what you Charlotte fashionistas are looking for.

The owner Megan wanted to transcend an environment fit for anyone. As she puts it, “the 45 year old mom who wants to look cute but needs something she can wear with the kids and her daughter who wants the tie dye crop tops and cut offs.” Whether you’re 15 or 50 there is something there for you.



For the most part everything is under $200.

Megan likes to assume most shoppers are like her in the way that sometimes you are willing to spend a little more but a lot of times you want to spend less but still walk away with something amazing.

Their goal is to have well-known designers mixed in with less expensive pieces. She has about a half-dozen jewelry designers that are local to Charlotte, so if you’re looking for those one of a kind, handmade and local pieces this is the place for you. New merchandise comes in every day so there is always an opportunity to find something new.



For now they have one brick and mortar in Morrison shops and an e-commerce site.

Stay tuned for their upcoming collabs with local bloggers and their summer look book. But keep in mind they have one of the biggest annual Black Friday sales and run customer appreciation sales in the spring and fall.

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