Charlotte places if they were people you went to college with

Charlotte places if they were people you went to college with
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I’m of the firm belief that places have their own personalities. The neighborhood, décor and patrons blend together to personify a spot as the stereotypes we all know and sometimes love. You’ve probably played the personification game with animals. You know, you see a dog and say it looks like Jay Leno. Poor dog.

Today, we’re going to talk about favorite Charlotte haunts as personified by people we went to college with. Before you blast an email to the mailbag, just remember we’re not hating, just stating.

Selwyn Ave. Pub | That kid that just won’t graduate, but always buys the beer


Selwyn Avenue Pub is home to 30- and 40-somethings who know that patio sipping is way better around others than home alone with the kids. Prepare to get turnt at 4 p.m. while talking about the glory days and how anyone even slightly younger just doesn’t appreciate how real things are about to get. After two drinks, Selwyn is buying a round for the new best friends he’s been close-talking at while waiting for another Michelob Ultra. Gotta love, Selwyn.

Roxbury | Woo girl


Photo via Facebook

No one loves a throwback jam more than woo girl. Every song is her song, and the dance floor can’t handle her right now. Cheap liquor drinks, sticky floors, a cover charge that’s usually optional – all of woo girl’s favorite things. The two-story dance floor options are the definition of her puke and rally life philosophy. Just like her anthem, No Scrubs, woo girl is here with other woo girls and you can’t get no love from them.

The U.S. National Whitewater Center | Guy who is somehow always at the gym


6 a.m., noon, midnight – how is that guy here? Does he ever go home? Is maxing out again? How is it possible for one person to be that active? The rest of us are mildly interested in hitting a treadmill, but the USNWC is zip-lining onto a mountain bike before flipping into the river. That guy is always making you feel guilty for just wanting a beer on the patio. Better buy an AllSports Pass, or you’ll look like a real jackass out here.

Not Just Coffee, Atherton Mill | Person who pulls an all-nighter at the library every night


If you didn’t pull an all-nighter, you aren’t serious about studying. Similarly, if your pour over coffee didn’t take 30 minutes from order to enjoyment, did you even have craft coffee this morning? Just like that kid in your class who always let everyone know they spent soooooooo much time in the library via sleepy selfies on every social network, Not Just Coffee is a place you have to tell people you went. Don’t forget to hashtag #sonecessary.

Thomas Street Tavern | Kid with the hookup

thomas street tavern

You know what I’m talking about. There’s something here for everyone and it’s at a student-friendly budget. You swing by Thomas Street for a quick second, but end up hanging out all night because of the ping pong and fire pit. Who are these people? Your new best friends. You can never really pin-point why you had a great time, but it’s always fun and your wallet isn’t hurting.

Connolly’s on Fifth | Person you always end up making out with


Don’t roll your eyes, you know you had this person in college. You may not even particularly like them anymore, but you somehow wind up leaning against them at 1 a.m. Blame it on Connolly’s Irish eyes. Do you really need one more drink at one more stop? Probably not, but you know Wagon Wheel will be playing (why is it always playing?) and you’re feeling nostalgic. My place or yours, Connolly’s?

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