These famous cakes have made it from New York City to South End

These famous cakes have made it from New York City to South End
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Have you heard of Lady M Cakes in New York City?

It is a famous cake shop known for super thin layered mille crepe cakes started in New York. I have heard about the cakes for awhile now but somehow never bothered to check for them around Charlotte. I assumed the cakes are only available in places like New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


@ladymcakes via Instagram

Recently, Lady M started a limited pop up store in Taipei but the rules were tricky – you could not buy the cake from the pop up store. Everything needs to be ordered in advance via Regent website. Two cakes per order, and whole cakes only. If you’ve seen Lady M’s website, you’d know the whole cakes are pretty pricey.

You can get these cakes in South End.

Wait, South End? Does that mean Charlotte? You bet!


They’re at The Gallery, off South Church Street. It’s in the quieter area of South End, a little different from the bars and taverns along South Boulevard.


When I went, the gallery had a private event that evening and a DJ playing music. I walked in, and asked the staff if I could have the Lady M cakes even though I was not invited for the private event. The staff allowed us to find seats towards the back of the gallery, which we did not mind at all because that way we could be surrounded by art nouveau pieces at a nice quiet area – enjoying the cakes.


Not going to lie, when we saw the menu we thought the cakes were a little pricey at $8 each. However, there is no turning back for me because I crave Lady M so much at that point we still went ahead and order.


I was so excited when the staff brought out the cakes, and the Lady M logo napkins. Here at last.


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