So you want to work out like a Navy SEAL? TRX suspension training is for you

So you want to work out like a Navy SEAL? TRX suspension training is for you
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(Note: Our Workout Wednesday series is brought to you by OrthoCarolina who reminds you – avoid sitting at your desk for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. Get up, move around and strengthen key muscles.)

I’m trying out a different workout class each week and reporting back for your entertainment every Wednesday. Homegrown fitness concepts all the way up to the big national franchises. Follow along here, browse our fitness archives for more, send class suggestions to


Name: TRX at Pure Body Studio
 Atherton Mill, 2102 South Boulevard
Class schedule: 11 TRX classes per week; see schedule here
Class duration: 1 hour
Drop-in rate: $20. New members can also sign up for a free 7-day gym pass
Monthly membership: $70/month for TRX (and select other group classes); pricing for other group classes and membership packages varies
Pros: Intense full-body workout, attentive instruction, beginner-level and advanced modifications
Cons: This is unfamiliar and unstable equipment for most people so it’ll take a little time to find your balance and move through transitions with ease

TRX pure body studios


How to dress and what to bring

I’m pretty confident my all-black-everything spandex ensemble will serve me well for every single workout class I take. Hasn’t failed me yet. Just wear clothes you’re comfortable moving around in.

There are inverted moves in this workout so if your shirt flying over your head is an issue for you, wear something fitted. Your hands and feet will be moving in and out of the straps so avoid baggy pants or dangly jewelry on your arms.

Bring a mat if you have one or borrow one at the studio.

TRX pure body studios

What to expect in class

You’ll start with a quick warm-up of lunges, squats and some light stretching before moving to the straps.

Our workout consisted of four 10-minute circuits each made up of four different moves.

TRX pure body studios

Some of the moves are standard things you might recognize – like chest press, front squat, burpee and lunge. The difference here is that instead of using hand weights or barbells, you use the weight of your own body suspended in the TRX straps as your resistance.

The class is designed so that you follow the prescribed workout but are free to move at your own pace.

Pure Body TRX instructor Tara Bedard

Pure Body TRX instructor Tara Bedard

Where you’ll feel it the next day

Arms. Big time. Particularly in the triceps for me because I am a weakling there.

Locker room situation

Pure Body Studio is a primo gym, and the locker rooms are gorgeous.

photo via Facebook

photo via Facebook

My take

I LOVED THIS SO MUCH. I’ve only ever used TRX bands for solo work so this was my first group class setting. Instructor Tara Bedard gave really clear directions on the most efficient ways to move in and out of the straps which really helped. She also provided individual modifications and alignment cues for each participant.

Tara Bedard is TRX certified (via Instagram)

Tara Bedard is TRX certified (via Instagram)

I’m a big fan of just using gravity and your own body weight against yourself when it comes to training. The added benefit of using TRX straps is that they allow you to angle and suspend your body in ways that up the resistance and challenge your balance.

I think a lot of people are intimidated by TRX and I can’t really blame them. After all, it was designed for Navy SEALS (the toughest people out there). But I’m not a Navy SEAL and I could do it so you can too.

Side note: Tara’s brand new workout DVD Shred2X was just released last week and is now available for purchase.

Connect with Tara and Pure Body


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