Get your groceries on demand via Instacart (launching today in Charlotte)

Get your groceries on demand via Instacart (launching today in Charlotte)
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If you hate grocery shopping, listen up.

Instacart, an on-demand retail delivery service, launches today in Charlotte, the 21st market for this San Francisco-born company.

For a small fee, you can order brand-name grocery items from big-name stores and have them delivered right to your door. Two-hour deliveries start at a fee of $5.99 and one-hour deliveries at $7.99. Tips, which go directly to your shopper, can be added at online checkout or after your delivery.

It’s the latest entrant in the increasingly crowded grocery delivery space in Charlotte.

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Using the new service is pretty easy. Head to Instacart’s website or download the mobile app (iPhone or Android). Enter your zip code, and choose your retailer (options in Charlotte: Harris Teeter, Publix, Food Lion, Costco*, BJ’s*, or Whole Foods.) Then, shop at your leisure using the “add” button. You can even include notes to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for (ex:  how green you prefer your bananas to be or if an avocado is ready for guac or not.)


Instacart also partners with consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, which allows them to offer unique deals only available through this service. 

Fresh produce, meats, cans of soup, etc. are all coming straight from the retailer instead of from warehouse storage.

Instacart has also just announced a partnership with meal plan app PlateJoy to combine dietary planning with delivery service – stay tuned to see how it works together.

*Best part: You don’t need a membership to Costco or BJ’s to shop at these retailers through Instacart. Nice!

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