Dear Mom, thanks: 20 notes from Agenda readers

Dear Mom, thanks: 20 notes from Agenda readers
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We asked Agenda readers to share unspoken thank you notes to their moms so we can all soak up the selfless glory that is motherhood. Here’s a sampling of what you had to say.

Dear Mom, thanks for…

Being the rock of our family and my hero. I love you. – Hunter Benson

Writing me tiny love notes every day to discover in my lunchbox as a little kid. – Anonymous

Loving my kids as well as you loved yours. They love you for it almost as much as we do. – Alicia W. M.

Answering the phone every time I call to ask important questions like whether or not I can put placemats in the washer or do lemons have an expiration date or does this new freckle on my leg mean I have skin cancer because it looks oddly shaped and please refer to your text messages because I sent you 9 photos of it. – Mary

Accepting me for who I am, no matter what I did or could do, you would never push me away. – L.

Putting little notes in my packed lunches… it was always cooler than Lunchables. – Anonymous

Always being there. – Anonymous

Always drying my tears, helping me through silly drama (that I thought was always major) and for not killing me during those awful teenage years. – Julie

Sacrificing your time, money, and sometimes your happiness to make sure that my brother and I could have a happy childhood and never have to go without. – Anonymous

Exposing me to the arts. My love for the theater, music and museums is because of you! (Of course it did help that I grew up in NYC.) – Carole Johnson

Being my biggest cheerleader!!! – Swoj

Explaining life each awkward step of the way. From kids sticking their tongue out at me on the playground to school dances to job interviews and the “real world”, you’ve always been there to help me understand what matters and what will pass. Love ya, Pretty Lady! – Jon C.

Giving me these words to live by “Love many, Trust few…..Learn to paddle your own canoe” My Mom has been gone from this earth for five years but she lives in my heart everyday. Happy Mother’s Day Mom. – Cindy Redmond

Always answering my phone calls, even when you know I’m just going to vent about {insert everything}. You’re my best friend. – Anonymous

Letting me need you more now that I’m a mom than I did when I was a child. And certainly more than I did when I was 15. – Laura

Putting your family first but still managing to realize your own dreams, too – and encouraging us to always do the same. – Cristina

Believing in my passion and pursuit of Glory Days Apparel. You encouraged and supported my entrepreneurial goals for the brand. I hope to make you proud of my endeavor and make it a Charlotte staple. – JD Harris

Always treating me and my twin sister as individuals and for celebrating our differences. And for making sure others did the same. – Anna

Telling her introverted, emotional and hormonal teenage daughter that “Being around other people can be tiring and it is okay to take time to recharge. There will be other parties… just tell them I wouldn’t let you go!” – Anonymous

Always eating, sleeping, bathing, shopping and basically existing last. You were always last in line so you could put our needs, no matter how trivial, first. – Katie

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