20 signs you went to UNC Charlotte

20 signs you went to UNC Charlotte
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(1) You’ve spent many hours studying in the Atkins Library.

And maybe you didn’t do so much studying there, but you did spend time getting distracted by cute dogs during exam week or with friends on the second and third floor.


(2) You have posed with the big man on campus, NORM.

Clearly I waited for the last opportunity to get one. Got to love this “gold digger”!


(3) You’ve survived what feels like The Hunger Games to find a parking spot.

That 15-minute gap in between the classes dismissing is a brutal one for commuters/drivers trying to park and get there on time.


(4) You’ve been out at least one night to the famous bar, Bad Dogs.

Known for their $1 well drinks on Tuesdays. 


Photo via Facebook

(5) You are able to recognize the dancing legend, Glove Man.

You could always find him breaking it down at Bad Dogs. I actually spotted him still showing off his moves Uptown on the Blackfinn dance floor recently… gloves and all.

(6) You know that entering the Fretwell building means no cell phone service.

Great for teachers and absolutely horrible for students in a three-hour night class.


(7) You can appreciate the long walk and two-story flight of stairs it took to get to the best dining hall in the Union.

Anyone remember how cool it was the first few months to swipe your 49er card?


(8) You’ve been among many geese.

They are so popular on campus, they even have their own personal Twitter page. 

(9) You’ve experienced the convenience of living right by the amphitheater.

Nothing is better than listening to live music from your porch and being right around the corner from all of the summer concerts. 


Photo via Facebook

(10) You’ve also experienced living extremely close to NASCAR. 

For some, it meant wearing cut off jeans shorts, a race t-shirt, and tailgating all weekend long. As you can see, by some, I meant me too.


(11) You have celebrated occasions at Monterrey.

No matter what night of the week, broke students love cheap pitchers of beer and margaritas.

(12) You are familiar with the struggle of Moodle.

There is nothing worse than Moodle being down or slow to load when you are trying to check your exam grade or get to homework.


(13) You aren’t PHASED by bright orange and construction.

There is always a new (and exciting) phase to come at the school.

construction cones

(14) You’ve attended an event at Dale Halton arena. 

A crowd favorite was the Greek Week AirBand competition that takes place every spring.

(15) You know what it’s like to have a brand new football team.

Therefore, you know how to show some support and of course, have some fun.


Photo via NinerTimes.com

(16) You must know the landmark, the Belk Tower.

(Sadly?) it was torn down January of this year. This meeting spot was mostly known for listening to the preacher rant and yell at sorority girls walking to class.


Photo via NinerTimes.com

(17) If you were a Communications student, you wondered why they made that building so hard to navigate.

I was warned about the challenge of finding your room in this building at freshmen orientation but even junior year, my PR friends and I were still getting stumped. 


(18) You have survived some serious University area traffic.

The workers driving to and from Concord and Uptown taught us major patience.


Photo via UNCC.edu

(19) You’ve had your school confused with UNC or one in the system.

This identity crisis of our school name is very common. The University now prefers for it to be called Charlotte or UNC Charlotte over UNCC. 


Photo via unc.info

(20) You had some of the best times of your life here.

This place is one we can always call home. Go 49ers!


Photo via UNCC

Cover image via Facebook

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