Deep Sea Market is a true catch even 200 miles from the ocean

Deep Sea Market is a true catch even 200 miles from the ocean
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At around 200 miles from the ocean, Charlotte isn’t a city that’s very well known for its fresh seafood.

There’s a small seafood market on Monroe Road that hasn’t gotten the memo. I first heard about Deep Sea Market on Yelp a little over a year ago. Every time I would try to find a new place to eat in my neighborhood, Deep Sea Market kept popping up at or near the top of the list, so I figured I had to give it a try.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is a huge case full of fresh seafood.

That’s not something I’m used to seeing in most Charlotte restaurants. They specialize both in dining-in and selling seafood by the pound to-go. I haven’t been brave enough yet to try to cook it on my own, and it’s so much more tempting to dine-in because they do such a phenomenal job themselves. They are constantly changing their menu and it seems like every time I go in there’s something new I haven’t tried.


This time, I went for the seared tuna and applewood smoked bacon sandwich with spicy slaw and sriracha aioli. It was out of this world. Another favorite of mine is the mahi-mahi banh mi sandwich. Everything comes with your choice of steak fries or cilantro lime slaw, which are both delicious.



It’s located slightly off the road between a UPS Store and a Firestone…

So you may miss it when you drive by if you’re not looking for it. What they’re slightly missing in visibility from the road, they more than make up for on social media. Their Facebook and Twitter photos are always on point. When I see one of their photos in my feed at work, I’m almost angry because the food looks so tasty.

Every time I’ve been to Deep Sea Market, I’ve been served directly by one of the owners, Larry and Tracy Mesiti. How many restaurants does that happen in nowadays? They are both clearly passionate about their customers and their food. Recently, they started opening for dinner, which I haven’t tried yet, but the menu looks equally impressive.

Whether you live or work in the Monroe Road area or you’re simply looking for some of the freshest seafood in Charlotte, you will not be disappointed at Deep Sea Market. One of these days, I may even feel brave enough to buy some seafood to take home and try to cook myself.

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