Opening today: The Cotton Room adds a cocktail lounge to Brevard Court

Opening today: The Cotton Room adds a cocktail lounge to Brevard Court
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I have been psyched about The Cotton Room since I first wrote about it and they have to be setting a speed record in Charlotte for the time in between announcement and opening.

As I previously told you, this is a cocktail bar above Belfast Mill. This isn’t an upscale cocktail bar, and this isn’t a dumpy dive bar. It’s a happy medium and exactly what you’d expect out of a cocktail bar in Brevard Court. 

Walking up the steps you are greeted by a wood paneled wall complete with two port holes giving you a glimpse inside. Once inside there is an immediate lounge feel yet it is all totally approachable. In the day it is incredibly bright as there is a ton of natural light allowed in. Perfect for after work cocktails. The seating is low and brings a community feel to the space.





At night, it won’t be Dandelion dark, but it will have intimate lighting where you can still see a menu, but it also won’t feel like its three in the afternoon.

I am a big fan of the music that was playing. It wasn’t too loud, wasn’t too quiet and was an excellent mix of lounge music and funk flavored hip-hop (think The Roots).



I was impressed with the décor as it was evident they didn’t want to go over the top, but they also wanted to differentiate themselves from other offerings in Brevard Court, and Charlotte in general.

On to the drink menu. Beer ranges from $4.50 to $7 and consists of all North and South Carolina beer (with one Sam Adams exception, for now). There are also wine offerings ranging from $5 to $9 a glass (plus sangria).


Now for the reason we are all here: The cocktails.


Cocktails range in price from $8 to $15, so it is a bit more expensive than what you are used to at Brevard Court. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. You may not feel like you are in an overly bougie type of place, but the cocktails take themselves very seriously.

Take The Sandlot for example. While $12 may seem like a lot, this cocktail is a true original. Mixing bourbon, peanut orgeat, Cheerwine and roasted peanuts this is sure to be a favorite. The Wild Thyme will also be a summer time (no pun intended) favorite as it goes down smooth and is very easy drinking.

Matt Marenna and his team have (quickly) put together an awesome little space above Belfast Mill that matures our nightlife scene. It’s amazing to hear the bustle of Brevard Court yet also be contained in a comfortable lounge. There is a “living room” type feel where it feels like you could just be sitting in your living room sipping on a cocktail that your really good mixologist friend just put together. 

The Cotton Room has a soft opening Thursday (everyone is welcome) and a full opening Friday.

Note: Props on the awesome logo design


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