Mailbag: May 22, end of week 6

Mailbag: May 22, end of week 6
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via our feedback form (not social media, everybody already sees that). We get a ton of feedback, this is not close to everything (it’s about 4%), but it’s a good sample.


“Hi there – just a note that I’ve really enjoyed your newsletter to date. Moved to Charlotte the 1st week of April from the west coast…but had lived here previously from ’04-08. It’s been fun catching up on all the exciting and positive changes going on in our great city!” – J

“I’ve heard a TON of good things about what you’re doing at Axios Charlotte. Kudos to you and your team!” – T

“I have to say, you guys have been consistent and a great read every day. Congratulations for capturing my ever growing ADD attention span!” – K

“I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles over the past couple weeks. The most helpful and interesting being new restaurant openings/closings, weekly concerts and events, and interviews. My only feedback is that I’ve noticed when reviewing startups, or marketing campaigns, or other things in that realm… everything is brilliant, awesome, amazing, someone has “nailed it”, or revolutionized the industry. Which is fine, it’s opinion-based, but there aren’t really any numbers being pointed out to back-up those strong adjectives. And as a reader, at some point trust begins to wane when everything is described as such. They almost sounds like company ads masked editorially sometimes. I don’t mean to say you should file more negative reviews, but just less partial, with those opinion-based descriptions used sparingly, when it REALLY warrants it. I’m more interested in reading what’s actually going on, the impact it has had, and the strategy rather. Reading that everything is brilliant doesn’t do a lot for me. That’s just something that has bugged me, but other than that, I’ve enjoyed learning more about the city, and will continue reading the publication daily. Thanks for the effort in putting this together!” – M
Ted: You’re right. In general, everything is 100% nice right now. Reason? We want to be right. Once we get the product (site) and admin/logistics stuff nailed down, we’ll have more time to do the stories you yearn for – believe me, I can’t wait to go deeper.

In response to: Eating wrong in Uptown, volume II

“OK, I was really excited about Room 112, because I think that’s the former location of Arpa’s and we LOVED that spot. But I was irked when I clicked your link and got just a random search. I googled and found it; the problem is your link omitted the .com in the hyperlink. So a friendly remote-copy-editor suggestion: Check your links before you send! And thanks for letting us know there’s something cool there; it really is well hidden.” – A
Ted: Fixed!

In response to: Advent Coworking opening in Plaza Midwood later this year

The Advent Coworking site is located in the BELMONT neighborhood, not Plaza Midwood. The Belmont neighborhood is growing and we appreciate any recognition we can get. Thanks. – A

In response to: Top 31 Designers in Charlotte

“I adore many of the designers on this list, some of them are my personal friends, others I work with professionally. But the lack of any disclosure of the criteria of how they were selected is a disservice to your readership. For every 31 you pick, there’s a 32nd and I’m sure they’d like to know why. Top + in = derision as the local buzzfeed and now we have Thrillist for that. Don’t be those guys, you’re better than that.” – S

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