Where are Charlotte golfers watching the Masters? Top 5 spots, ranked

Where are Charlotte golfers watching the Masters? Top 5 spots, ranked
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There are very few things as comforting as Jim Nantz providing golf chatter from Augusta National over the rustle of azaleas in a spring breeze.

I love the Masters.

Sure, a TV on the porch with buddies drinking Bloody Marys then switching to Arnold Palmers sounds lovely, but sometimes you need that communal viewing experience. That experience of having a few adult beverages and debating whether or not Adam Scott is George Clooney good looking.

Sure, the big time golfers will be viewing the Masters at Myers Park Country Club, Charlotte Country Club, Carmel Country Club, Carolina Golf Club and Quail Hollow, but where will weekend warriors be watching? Here’s where…

(Note: I bet the members at MPCC, CCC and Quail were not happy that I just lumped Carmel and Carolina in their country club tier above.)

#1 – Selwyn Pub

Neighborhood: Myers Park

Scoop: You’ll see a bunch of frat dudes wearing visors, Croakies and authentic Masters gear. Maybe even a few dudes with golf spikes, which I really respect. Semi-recently, Selwyn Pub invested in the patio and you can tell – excellent TVs and comfortable sofas. Inside is a little seedy, but that’s cool. Food is much better than you’d expect.





#2 – Brazwells

Neighborhood: Montford

Scoop: Arguably the best Bloody Mary bar in Charlotte. One of the only bars promoting specific Masters specials, which makes me very pleased. Respect. Brazwells feels like the place smart sneaky smart golf gamblers will be hanging out. Inside, covered porch and outside porch gives you tons of options to listen to Jim Nantz.





#3 – Reid’s SouthPark

Neighborhood: SouthPark

Scoop: This is the new kid on the block and the biggest risk out of the bunch. Yes, drafts are a little pricier here, but many Masters fans will pay for a premium experience. If you’re the fancy type of Masters fan, may I recommend the fine cheese selection and a lovely bottle of pinot (solid wine selection) on the porch. Definitely a Brooks Brothers type hangout.



#4 – Dilworth Neighborhood Grille

Neighborhood: Dilworth

Scoop: The remodeled patio is just fantastic. TVs everywhere. Excellent, intelligent sports vibe here. This is by far the safest option of the group – you can depend on Dilworth Neighborhood Grille to deliver.



#5 – Angry Ale’s

Neighborhood: Montford

Scoop: The place to drink buckets of Bud Light for 6 hours and then Uber home. Newly renovated patio gives you all sorts of covered options. TVs are premium.




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