Fight your pollen allergies with 4 local remedies

Fight your pollen allergies with 4 local remedies
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Spring has officially sprung, and unfortunately so has the pollen. If you’re among the unlucky who are tortured by allergy season every year, I have good news and bad news. The bad news — pollen levels are on the rise. The good news? There are some natural ways for you to combat that runny nose — locally.

(Keep in mind I’m NOT a doctor. I repeat NOT a doctor. And while these little local remedies might not cure you of all allergies, they should certainly help.)

(1) Eat local honey


Photo via Cloister Honey

Word on the street is if you eat honey from your local bees, you should become less affected by the pollen said bees produce. Along the lines of building up immunity to illnesses by being exposed to the germs that cause them. Except this sounds a whole lot sweeter. Try out Cloister Honey. It’s locally sourced in Charlotte and you can find it in tons of places around town.

(2) Get an allergy ‘shot’ at The Juice Bar in Park Road Shopping Center 


So I haven’t had one of these, and can’t vouch for it. But I’ve met people who swear by it. It’s pineapple juice, lavender, lemon and peppermint essential oils and bee pollen. You swish it around for 20 seconds and then swallow it. Supposedly it works as a natural antihistamine!

(3) Try acupuncture 

If you’re afraid of needles this is obviously not your thing. (Even though these needles are about as thick as a human hair). But some studies have shown that acupuncture can help relieve runny noses and watery eyes caused by allergies. Try out Charlotte Acupuncture and Wellness Center.

(4) Go to Kings Drive Farmers Market 


@jburdecki via Instagram

You should do this regardless of your allergies. But they re-open April 1, and I’ve been waiting forever to get back to this place. As far as your allergies go, here are some foods that should help battle the pollen: nuts, apples, fish, red grapes and tomatoes, all of which you can find at Kings Drive Farmers Market. You get to support your local farmers and stop your face from leaking. Win win.

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