A native Charlottean’s guide to the 3 best burgers in town

A native Charlottean’s guide to the 3 best burgers in town
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This article is not about good burgers. Good burgers are all over Charlotte: Alexander Michael’s has a good burger, The Liberty has a good burger, Workman’s Friend has a good burger. But there are only a few places that I would say have great burgers.

(3) Fenwick’s

511 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28207 | 704-333-2750


Fenwick’s Burger: $10.95


Located just off Providence Road, Fenwick’s is a hidden local gem, the quintessential neighborhood bar restaurant. Fenwick’s is our family’s go-to place to celebrate all of life’s milestones, from baptisms and birthdays to engagements and homecomings.

Mom always gets the Fenwick’s steak sandwich (with a side of honey mustard please) and for the longest time my brothers and I did the same (my sister opting for the more healthy options). But a few years ago, on a whim I decided to try the Fenwick’s burger and have not even thought of looking back.


The flavor profile of this burger is ridiculous. The crispy cheddar cheese is topped by the salty moist combination of sautéed onions and mushrooms supported by 8 ounces of deliciously cooked ground beef, dripping just enough essence to saturate the bun with flavor and leave me sopping up the left over goodness with the fries.

I must have been enjoying my Fenwick’s burger a little too much because the party of four seated next to me leaned over and asked me how the burger was… to which I couldn’t help but respond “Delicious!” Thanks Fenwick’s… You never disappoint.

(2) Village Tavern

4201 Congress St. #190, Charlotte, NC 28209 | 704-552-9983


Tavern Burger: $12.50

I’ve gone to the Village Tavern for various business meetings and appointments over the past few years, and it’s always a top notch experience. A few months ago though, I decided to give their burger a try and was totally blown away, it was incredible – and still is.



The presentation at Village Tavern is beautiful. I got the Tavern Burger with sautéed mushrooms and sautéed onions cooked medium. The crispy scent of the sauteed onions mingled with the rich beef flavor as I took my first bite, the brioche bun cracking under my fingers as I opened my mouth embarrassingly wide to truly enjoy every aspect of the burger.

The beef was rich, bloody and flavorful, oozing its delicious juices all over the plate. The rich, sharp tang of the cheddar cheese cut through the more pastoral flavor of the beef and bread eliciting memories of dream-perfect childhood grilled cheeses before the pungent punch of the beef rounded out each bite with the flavor you can only expect from a top-tier burger.

(1) Halcyon

500 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28202 | 704-910-0865


Halcyon Burger: $15

The burger at Halcyon is hands down the best burger in Charlotte, by far. I don’t even remember what brought me into the restaurant that fateful first night; the entire experience is eclipsed by the looming memory of the burger itself. For months after I tried the Halcyon burger I would tell anyone who would listen where to get the best burger in Charlotte, and I’m happy to report it’s still the best around.


Halcyon best burger in Charlotte

While I will concede that you could possibly find a few comparable patties to compete with the burgers from Fenwick’s and Village Tavern, the burger at Halcyon is in a class of its own, unquestionably the best in Charlotte. Whereas at Village Tavern the cheddar cheese is the predominate flavor and at Fenwick’s the onions and mushrooms steal the show, at Halcyon the flavor of the burger itself takes center stage.

The gaminess of the meat combined with a subtle seasoning are the first things you notice, followed by the salty texture of the fresh cheese, crispy onions and mushrooms with the brioche bun tying it all together.

Made from grass-fed beef ground in house, and sitting on top of a brioche bun, also made fresh daily in house by a classically trained French chef, the Halcyon Burger is a testament to the potential of using the best fresh local ingredients to create mouth-watering meals.

These are just a few recommendations for the best burgers in town in my humble opinion, if nothing else I hope you have the chance to try each of these burgers. Let us know what you think.

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