Cribs: Go inside AvidXchange to learn about paying bills, ping pong and exec meetings

Cribs: Go inside AvidXchange to learn about paying bills, ping pong and exec meetings
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AvidXchange is one of the best startup stories in Charlotte. Love that they purchased the naming rights to make the N.C. Music Factory the AvidXchange Music Factory.

That said, I always forget whether to capitalize the X or the C in the “Xchange” part of their name. I bet there is a 94% chance that they’ve talked over rebranding internally. Enough name talk.


AvidXchange is growing. Below is what their new crib will look like in about 12 months.

This used to be the parking lot by VBGB and Mattie’s Diner – it’s becoming a six-story, 200,000-square-foot office building. Another building could follow close behind on the 32-acre spot. BOOM.


But enough new talk. Agenda needed to check out their current digs to see exactly what it looks like instead this high growth company.

avidxchange office entrance

I was welcomed by a bear in an indy car type situation in their lobby. I thought I’d experience some retina scanner type check-in, but it was a pretty old school sign in book.

A+ on the banner wall hangings as well.

(Update 9 a.m.: AvidXchange just insulted Agenda on the Twitter.)

lobby at avidxchange

What does AvidXchange do? They help companies pay their bills.

At first glance, it sounds like a weird problem to solve. But if you’ve ever bought anything at a company (I’m not talking to you, 22-year-old millennial that doesn’t actually make decisions yet), you realize that getting an invoice, getting approvals and getting a vendor paid is actually a pain in the butt. Never mind filing and tracking everything.

payables avidxchange

The company now employees over 500 people.

Open warehouse vibe! Get exciteddddd!

main floor avidxchange office

Kitchen perks: fancy coffee makers, solid TV setup, plethora of microwaves.

kitchen at avidxchange office

I’ve seen countless office refrigerators, but this one is oddly clean. Oh, and spot the two cakes! Happy birthday, person-whose-name-I-forgot!

kitchen avidxchange charlotte

Employees like working at AvidXchange and not just because of the ping pong table that heats up in the afternoon.

Each quarter, teams go on offsites to places like the Whitewater Center and Exit Strategy. Sounds like a mix of trust falls and craft beer, I like it.

table tennis avidxchange

Cornhole! Basketball shooter! But, where are the Nerf guns? Ugh.

Sure, the office has the startup-y stuff, but AvidXchange also has Quarterly Townhalls at Bootlegger’s (across the street and kind of funny) where execs talk over strategy/results/goals for two hours and then the whole company has a casual happy hour.

cornhole at avidxchnage

Here are the fancy execs. One is happy to see the Agenda, the other looks like he’s going to take us out. Gulp.

executive team at avidxchange

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