Director of Communications (inactive)

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Director of Communications, Full Time – Exempt

The role of the Director of Communications is to lead a comprehensive internal and external communications plan for Covenant Presbyterian Church (Covenant). The Director of Communications will work with the church staff to effectively and appropriately communicate about church activities using a variety of communication methods to reach members of the congregation, prospective members and those outside of the church community in a relevant, timely and welcoming manner.

• Bachelor’s degree in communications, media studies, journalism or a related field, or equivalent experience
• Minimum of five years of experience creating, editing and producing communication materials and managing multiple areas of responsibility, or equivalent demonstrated skills to perform the responsibilities of this position
• Demonstrated computer skills, particularly with Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat, database, internet, desktop publishing applications and specialized applications
• Demonstrated basic competence with graphic design, layout, and planning production as well as understanding of video production
• Participation in a Christian community, including work as a volunteer and with volunteers
• Record of successful interpersonal relationships
• Willingness and ability to implement new policies

• Proficiency in (a.) generating a variety of top-quality newsletters, flyers, electronic communications, press releases, and other types of communications documents and (b.) enabling others to do the same
• Ability to organize and initiate work with a minimum of supervision
• Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects and adapt production timelines to changing conditions
• Ability to communicate well and maintain strict confidentiality when appropriate
• Strong ability to prompt, encourage, and foster creativity among diverse groups of church members and staff
• Working knowledge of graphic design and means of creating layouts for print and electronic media
• Ability to develop and use a social media strategy to advance the church’s mission
• Ability to assess vendors for print, web and graphic support
• Ability to assist multiple staff and lay ministry teams in communicating effectively to a variety of target audiences
• Ability to lead and equip those who volunteer to support communications efforts, such as photographers and writers

General responsibilities:
• Develop and implement strategies for the organization and dissemination of information to members of the congregation, prospective members and those outside of the church community in order to advance the church’s vision, mission and activities.
• Create content and manage communications activities for Covenant.
• Create content and manage communications activities for Covenant.

Internal responsibilities:
• Provide oversight of drafting, editing, designing, developing, and producing printed and electronic publications designed for general distribution among the congregation. This routinely includes items such as worship bulletins, newsletters and website material.
• Support staff and lay ministry teams in developing effective communications, including assisting in preparing presentation templates for use by staff.
• Orient new officers, staff members, and committee communications liaisons to Covenant communications methods and outlets.
• Monitor church calendar to plan appropriate publicity and communication campaigns for upcoming events in a timely manner.
• Periodically audit all means of communication employed by Covenant; recommend and implement improvements as warranted.
• Participate in the annual budget development process; recommend and manage communications budget.

External responsibilities:
• Develop and manage Covenant’s internet and social media strategy and presence, gathering and publishing information (articles, video, etc.) from various areas of church life.
• Establish and maintain relationships with local media outlets. Prepare press releases announcing major events in the life of Covenant, seek placement in local media outlets (print, online and broadcast) and coordinate responses to requests for comment or information from external media.

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