10 spots you need to hit up at the Wells Fargo Golf Championship

10 spots you need to hit up at the Wells Fargo Golf Championship
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I put on my Bonobos flat front stone khaki shorts, Nike sneakers, overpriced silk blue golf shirt and NoDa hat and went out to Quail Hollow yesterday morning at 7:30 am.

Turns out that their Director of Communications Lee Patterson is an Agenda subscriber. You’re my boy, Lee! He’s a pro’s pro and I got the feeling he knows everybody in the golf world. Cool dude. I met with Lee and Hailey Cobb to get the scoop before the crowds, sun dresses, ribbon belts and croakies hit Quail Hollow.

First, I nerded out in the media area because I was on the only media nerd that got there super early on Monday of tournament week. The buffet was unreal – I ate eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and a token piece of melon to feel healthy. Texas Pete? Of course.

media tent wells fargo golf charlotte

wells fargo press pass golf

media buffet wells fargo golf tournament

press conference room quail hollow


Okay, here are the 10 spots you need to hit up:

(1) All American Pub. Outstanding design. Plenty of tables. Large shade area. Big screen piping coverage. Close to the green on 10 and fairway of 13. Far away from the entrance, so only people in the know will be smart enough to get cold beers and Warehouse Chicken Sandwiches here. Well executed.

all america pub wells fargo golf tournament

all american pub golf entrance

all american pub charlotte golf course

all american pub bar wells fargo golf championship

all american pub golf menu

all american pub golf layout

hole 10 green at wells fargo golf championship

(2) Event Lawn. Yes, everybody will be here because it’s close to the gates – but whatever, you have to do it. Eat the BBQ from Queen City Q.

event hill wells fargo golf championship

event hill grass charlotte wells fargo golf

(3) Tee at Hole #18. Admire that tee shot. You know you’d rope hook it into that stream on the right.

hole 18 at quail hollow

(4) Green Mile Village. Order their signature Tee Time Cocktail. Borders holes 16, 17 and 18 so a great spot to pop in and out.

green mile village wells fargo golf tournament

(5) Tee at hole #1. Beautiful way to start things off.

hole 1 quail hollow golf

(6) Social Media Hub. I felt like I was clubbing. Actually, I’ve never been to a club, so I’m not even sure why I said that. Fancy red sofas. White leather chairs. Stagecoach. Large screens all over the place. I didn’t know if I could get in the stagecoach or not, but I was feeling crazy, so I did.

social media hub wells fargo charlotte golf

wells fargo golf experience

wells fargo social screen golf

red sofa wells fargo golf experience


white leather chairs wells fargo golf tournament

(7) Bojangles’. It’s by the 4th tee next to Honey Baked Ham. Who the heck would ever eat Honey Baked Ham over Bojangles’? Actually, who the heck eats Honey Baked Ham in general?

(8) Champions Park. Great bar spot with outstanding shade coverage between the 9th and 10th holes. Shade is your friend. Also, hit up the charity tent area (next to practice chipping green) – unless you hate Charlotte volunteerism.

champions park wells fargo golf

champions park wells fargo golf tournament

champions park golf menu charlotte

charity tent wells fargo golf tournament

chipping green quail hollow charlotte

(9) Putting green. Awkwardly stare at the players here as they putt. Chit chat about why they all have oversized belt buckles. Player entourages also chill out here so you can view wives, girlfriends, agents and more.

wells fargo golf putting green

(10) Clubhouse Hospitality. Just messing, we’re not important enough to have access here.

clubhouse quail hollow

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