Insta-famous: Charlotte social accounts of the people you follow online but don’t know in real life

Insta-famous: Charlotte social accounts of the people you follow online but don’t know in real life
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There’s some insta-fame going on in Charlotte. I’m not talking widely known celebrities who are already famous and thus draw large numbers of followers to their social accounts by default. I’m talking about normal but cool and interesting people who are locally (and sometimes globally) recognized because of their presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The other day I was sitting at Daily Press when in walked Kenzie the Happy Fairy and her fiance Jeremy, both of whom I stalk on Instagram but have never seen out in the wild. They sat there eating Bojangles and being cute but I didn’t say anything because they’re in my Instagram world and this was the real world and the two just don’t really collide. Unlike Facebook, which is for real friends and family, I tend to use Instagram as a place to interact with people I don’t know in real life. (Twitter started that way too but is fast becoming my chosen method for making new friends in Charlotte.)

I know a lot of people are normal and follow their friends and loved ones on Twitter and Instagram, but I also know I’m not alone in this following-strangers-I-think-I-know thing so here’s a list of insta-famous Charlotteans that you’re probably following and feel like you know but you’ve actually never met…

Instagram: afoodiestaysfit | Twitter: @afoodistaysfit

  • Real name: Teri Hutcheon
  • Known for: working out and eating well

It’s a well-balanced meal when your La Croix matches your food. #foodtruths

A photo posted by Teri || A Foodie Stays Fit (@afoodiestaysfit) on

Instagram: andiperullo | Facebook:

  • Real name: Andi Perullo de Ledesma
  • Known for: baby, travel, being fancy

Cheers to Joaquín’s first #roadtrip going really well thus far! #familytravel #travelwithbaby A photo posted by Andi Perullo de Ledesma (@andiperullo) on

Instagram: B_SOUP

  • Real name: Bethany Diffey
  • Known for: bold fashion

Formal✔️ Feathers ✔️ Friday ✔️ #liketkit A photo posted by Bethany // B SOUP (@b_soup) on

Instagram: carolina_charm

  • Real name: Christina Marcellino
  • Known for: all-American southern family things

Bye bye first (and last) folly vacation as a family of 3 + dog. Time for 4 hours of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse… #marcellinosatfolly A photo posted by Christina Marcellino (@carolina_charm) on

So much fun celebrating ONE with our friends and family! Couldn’t have been a more special day! A photo posted by Christina Marcellino (@carolina_charm) on

Instagram: chakrafit

  • Real name: Lauren McAbee
  • Known for: insane yoga poses

Feel/think 😍 #yinyang #yo @lindsep   A photo posted by Lauren McAbee (@chakrafit) on

Instagram: clarkebarlowe

  • Real name: Clarke Barlowe
  • Known for: cooking, eating and foraging good local food

Instagram: cttchickentuna | Tumblr:

  • Real name: Laura Gordon
  • Known for: butt shots

Twitter: @garretttichy | Instagram: garretttichy

  • Real name: Garrett Tichy
  • Known for: loving CLT and launching the #weloveCLT movement, knowing everyone, baby pictures

Garrett twitter Garrett instagram Instagram: kenziethehappyfairy

  • Real name: Kenzie (almost) Hamilton
  • Known for: retro pin-up poses, wild hair colors

@goodgriefvintage is listing a ton of new goodies, including this perfectly pink printed shirt. 💕🎀 A photo posted by Kenzie ✂️ Almost Hamilton (@kenziethehappyfairy) on

Loving these pictures from my set with @darlingniki_b A photo posted by Kenzie ✂️ Almost Hamilton (@kenziethehappyfairy) on

Instagram: jdecurtins

  • Real name: Jennifer Decurtins
  • Known for: yoga poses, healthy food, golden retrievers

The girls sitting pretty for carrots. 😭 #goldenretriever #goldensofinstagram #sullieandzoey #sisters #veggiedogs A photo posted by Jen | Peanut Butter Runner (@jdecurtins) on

Instagram: queencitychic

  • Real name: Rachel Brown (I think)
  • Known for: insane cityscapes, fancy restaurant food, selfies

Instagram: slootattoos

  • Real name: Jeremy Hamilton
  • Famous for: creating sick tattoos, being Kenzie the Happy Fairy’s fiance

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   A photo posted by Jeremy Hamilton (@slootattoos) on

Healed and Settling in nicely on Alicia 💗👽 A photo posted by Jeremy Hamilton (@slootattoos) on

Instagram: thefoodbabe

  • Real name: Vani Hari
  • Known for: GMO-free food, hating Kraft and Subway

Feeling good, feeling great. How are you? 😘 A photo posted by Vani Hari (@thefoodbabe) on

A little late lunch for #MrFoodBabe ❤️ #FoodBabe #FoodBabeEatingGuide #FoodBabeWay #Lox #SproutedBagel A photo posted by Vani Hari (@thefoodbabe) on

Twitter: @yarby | Instagram: yarby

  • Real name: Jason Yarborough
  • Known for: having a beard, dressing well, knowing social media things

James Franco and I like to stand in front of curtains, behind our beards. #wideeyessquintyeyes #tbt #mme15 A photo posted by Jason Yarborough (@yarby) on

yarby twitter

Twitter: @inthequeencity | Instagram: inthequeencity

  • Real name: Kseniya Martin
  • Known for: personal branding pep talks & tips, eating all the food, documenting every beer consumed

Special delivery. #BrittsDonuts A photo posted by Kseniya | in the queen city (@inthequeencity) on

inthequeencity twitter

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