Manager of Guest Sales

At Discovery Place, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we fuel your passion for science and the natural world by delivering awe-inspiring exhibits and educational programs. Our immersive experiences captivate, challenge, and empower audiences of all ages, sparking a spirit of discovery and lifelong learning. We hope to forge a future where science catalyzes, creating boundless opportunities, fostering hope, solving complex problems and driving positive change across the globe.

If you thrive in a dynamic setting and excel at helping others succeed, you could be our ideal candidate. This role will offer you a chance to help your team learn consultative selling and best practices to increase guest satisfaction. Your affinity for teamwork, creativity, and innovation will be crucial as you collaborate across departments and assist our team in hitting revenue and guest satisfaction targets.

Job summary:
As the Sales & Guest Services Manager, you will work in partnership with the Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Sales in two key areas:
• Transitioning the team from a conventional call center to a sales unit focused on meeting revenue goals
• Enhancing guest satisfaction and operational efficiency through coaching and automation

Essential duties and responsibilities:
Collaborative leadership
• Strategic Partnership: Work closely with the Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Sales to align sales and customer service strategies
• Support for Group Visit Sales Manager: Ensure that the Group Visit Sales Manager can focus primarily on outbound sales efforts by providing necessary support and resources
• Innovation & Best Practices: Research and brainstorm new tools and best practices for sales teams and customer service centers in collaboration with the Senior Director
• Discovery Place Standard: Collaborate with the Senior Director to develop a Discovery Place “standard” and reinforces the brand, ensuring that every interaction aligns with best practices in the hospitality industry
Sales maximization and consultative selling
• Assist Sales Transformation: Help the Senior Director transition the team from a call center to a consultative sales force, focusing on revenue generation
• Target Setting & Performance Review: Work with CMO, Senior Director, and Group Visit Sales Manager to establish and monitor sales targets and track metrics to ensure goals are met
• Sales Training: Collaborate with the Marketing department and Senior Director to request sales materials and tools, ensuring the team is well-informed and equipped to sell effectively
Customer service through innovation
• Quality Assurance: Monitor customer service metrics, such as call recordings, volume and queue wait times, to maintain department standards
• Customer Support: Provide escalated customer support as needed
• Automated Interactions: Implement best practices to automate as many customer interactions as possible, enhancing efficiency and user experience
Team management and administrative duties
• Team Scheduling: Manage schedules, timesheet approvals, and time-off requests for a team of four to six associates
• Resource Allocation: Closely monitor team activities to ensure proper resource allocation, including providing a full workload for weekend staff in addition to phone answering
• Recruitment & Onboarding: Manage the hiring process, including screening and interviewing candidates for department openings. Help the Senior Director choose the final candidate
• Scholarship & Grants Management: Oversee or delegate tracking scholarship and grant applications, including data management
• Assist in Administrative Functions: Occasionally serve as a support to the team in answering phones and executing other administrative duties as needed
Cross-departmental collaboration
• Streamline Payments: Directly manage or delegate the collaboration with the Accounts Receivable department to ensure timely payment collections
• Facilitate Outreach Bookings: Take charge of or assign the task of working with the Manager of Outreach to secure timely bookings and provide seamless client experience
• Program Implementation: Take the lead or delegate the duty of working with Museum Directors to ensure effective implementation of bookings, aligning with the • Discovery Place “standard” and hospitality best practices
• Other duties as assigned

A bachelor’s degree or a minimum of six years of relevant experience will also be considered.

• Work Ethic and Initiative: Demonstrated ability to follow through on assigned tasks, take initiative, and rise to the occasion when needed
• Adaptability: Ability to adapt to rapidly changing business environments and technologies
• Leadership & Team Management: Proven ability to lead and manage a team, including remote and weekend staff, ensuring a high-level of morale and optimal time allocation
• Data-Driven Decision Making: Ability to analyze sales and customer service metrics to inform strategy and improve performance
• Consultative Selling: Familiar with consultative selling techniques, with a focus on understanding customer needs and offering tailored solutions
• Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Experience in working collaboratively across departments to achieve organizational goals
• Hospitality Standards: Familiarity with best practices in the hospitality industry, capable of implementing these into every customer interaction
• Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, capable of effectively conveying complex information to team members and other constituents
• Tech-Savvy: Comfortable with using a range of software and platforms and able to quickly learn new software and systems
• Salesforce Experience: Salesforce CRM experience is desired, but not required

Supervisory responsibilities:
Manage a team of four to six associates in collaboration with the Senior Director.

Working conditions:
Professional office environment. The noise level in the environment is moderate. We are currently working in a hybrid model. This position is in the office several days a week, with opportunities for remote work. This is not a remote-only position.

Physical demands:
Candidates must have the physical capability to lift 10 pounds and possess full auditory, visual, and manual dexterity. A valid driver’s license and the ability to operate a vehicle are also required.

Employees of Discovery Place should uphold the mission, vision and values of the organization. We strive to provide exceptional service through four core values: uncommon courtesy, the pursuit of personal excellence, teamwork and inclusion. We value the diversity of opinions and intellectual thought and encourage an environment where employees can share ideas openly.

The foregoing description is not intended and should not be construed to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities of this job. Other duties may be assigned. This job description may be changed to include new responsibilities and tasks or change existing ones as management deems necessary.

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