Events Coordinator & Board Builder

Award winning charcuterie catering company and restaurant. We were voted best caterer in Charlotte in Charlotte Observer.

This job is for someone who is both creative and highly organized. It’s a hybrid role that includes some operation responsibilities, event execution and coordination and some kitchen duties.

The operations aspect includes project management, working with customers on order details, delivery logistics and updating products on the website.

The event aspect includes communicating with customers about their events, planning timelines for multiple events in a day, managing and organizing decor inventory and setting up events.

• Working with customers on ordering
• Organize and coordinate an event timeline, ensuring that the service runs smoothly and efficiently
• Organize and coordinate scheduling for multiple events happening in a day
• Allocate event decor for events
• Organizing and managing decor inventory for various events depending on size, theme, color preferences, etc.
• Processing and receiving catering orders
• Maintaining an inventory of supplies for events
• Liaising with vendors and external suppliers
• Assisting management with decor and floral budget
• Shopping and collecting flowers, decor, etc for events
• Various kitchen duties depending on the need

• $15-18+ plus tips* and overtime
• Tips are based on in store sales, weddings and large catering events

• Experience in food and beverage for at least 2 years
• Familiarity with Word, Excel and Google Familiarity with Shopify a plus
• Ability to stand on feet for extended periods without issues
• Ability to lift 45 pounds or more

Most weeks, full-time employees work 40 hours a week. Some early mornings are required for some holidays (advance notice is given).

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