The Amp Programmer

The Amp Venue Programmer is responsible for managing year-round programming of The Amp, an open-air amphitheater with seating capacity of ~3,500. The ideal candidate is proactive, collaborative and flexible, with a proven track record of coordinating and executing successful concerts, festivals and complementary programming.

The position will build on established relationships in entertainment to deliver seamless, memorable experiences for guests to The Amp. This individual will follow artistic trends and upcoming artists, keep in contact with promoters and agents to build consistent, top-quality programming, and encourage artistic creation within the boundaries of the development and financial guidelines of the firm.

The role will also provide event support as needed for additional parks across the Ballantyne® campus. The position requires innovation, problem-solving, a team-player mentality and the ability to communicate effectively. The Amp Ballantyne Programmer reports to the Executive Vice President of Northwood Office.

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