Blind Date: Jenn and David had previously crossed paths. But is their reconnection fate or just a coincidence?

Blind Date: Jenn and David had previously crossed paths. But is their reconnection fate or just a coincidence?
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We’re back with another installment of our Blind Date series.

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Editor’s note: Responses have been edited lightly for length and clarity.

This time, we paired Jenn and David.

First, let’s get to know Jenn:

  • She’s 50 and works as a writer.
  • Her ideal day in Charlotte includes a hike, trying a new restaurant and live music.
  • She describes herself as “a creative extrovert who likes to make people laugh.”

    Then, there’s David.

      • He’s 51 and an economic developer.
      • His ideal Charlotte day is spent outdoors, followed by a unique restaurant and live music at night.
      • He describes himself as a “professional man who has many interests,” including concerts, travel and exercise.

        With a shared appreciation for good food and live music, Jenn and David seemed like a potential match. So, we tested their connection over a jazz show at Middle C and dinner at Fahrenheit.

        I called Jenn and David separately a few days after their date to hear how it went. What they both initially said caught me off guard — the two had met before.

        David: We immediately recognized each other and spent the first five minutes of the date trying to figure that out.

        Jenn: We ultimately realized we’d met at a singles’ board game night about two years ago.

        David: We played at the same table for probably an hour and a half.

        Jenn and David weren’t reconnected until the blind date — here’s what they had to say about that evening.

        How do you typically meet your dates?

        David: Online and through Meetup. Sometimes in person.

        Jenn: Online dating. I’ve used both Bumble and Facebook dating.

        On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your conversation?

        David: Eight. Conversation was good. Though, the nature of blind dates can be a little “interview-like.”

        • You literally have to start at the basics.
        • But we learned a lot about each other.

        Jenn: An eight. I mean, the fact the person’s applied to this suggests they’re open to having a conversation with a stranger.

        • We had a lot of commonalities to talk about.

        Editor’s note: For context, Jenn and David are both near empty-nesters with ties to Canada.

        • Jenn is from Toronto and David spent nearly three decades on the Canadian border.

        How would you describe your chemistry?

        David: Seven. It’s so early; it’s hard to say.

        • There wasn’t any silence except for when the music was playing.
        • I think she had a good time, but I couldn’t get her read on me.

        Jenn: Six. We had a good conversation, but I don’t think either of us felt things “hit off” as a date.

        • It just wasn’t the “zing” I might’ve been looking for.

        What are your thoughts on the date overall?

        David: It went a little better than I expected, considering we had so much in common and we’re in similar stages of life.

        Jenn: We had a good time. It was fun to check out Middle C, and Fahrenheit is always beautiful — food was great.

        • We definitely didn’t struggle to entertain ourselves.

        What’s next? How did you leave it?

        David: I’m not sure what’s next.

        • I think we were both under the assumption that we’d “report back” about the date first before any next steps.

        Jenn: We thanked each other for the evening, and he walked me to my Uber.

        • We didn’t exchange numbers.

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