Site Coordinator

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Manage deployment of volunteer tutors and progress of students through targeted literacy curriculum

About the role:
ALP Charlotte trains and deploys tutors to conduct interventions with students who are a year or more behind in first or second grade assessment benchmarks in decoding, encoding and basic phonological awareness, and would not otherwise have access to tutoring in foundational literacy skills. Our tutors provide free, long-term, one-on-one instruction using research-based methodology.

As part of ensuring high-quality tutoring sessions and a positive experience for volunteers and school staff, ALP provides a Site Coordinator for each school site. The Site Coordinator is present at their assigned schools during tutoring sessions where they monitor tutor-student interactions. The coordinator is also ALP’s liaison to the school, streamlining communication with teachers and managing the volunteers. The coordinator will build and maintain relationships across various stakeholders: students, tutors, and school staff.

• Manage and support approximately 40 tutors at two schools in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District
• Oversee 40-50 students progress through the ALP curriculum
• Liaise with teachers and school staff
Tasks will include but are not limited to
• Manage two schools and approximately 40 tutors
• Develop and maintain relationships with school stakeholders
• Communicate with school staff regarding student placement, progress and graduation
• Manage tutor/school schedules and capacity for tutors
• Communicate with tutors, school, and ALP on a regular, ongoing basis
• Become familiar with ALP curriculum and assessments
• Provide ongoing curriculum and lesson delivery support to tutors
• Facilitate tutor meetings and development sessions
• Maintain records of tutors and students
• Attend weekly meetings and quarterly professional development trainings
• Observe tutoring sessions and provide feedback and coaching to tutors
• Partner with ALP in providing and receiving feedback, with the goal of aiding the organization’s efforts to serve more students
The Site Coordinator will also be asked to play a supporting role in
• Acting as an ALP ambassador within the Charlotte community, school sites and personal networks
• Reviewing curriculum and other tutor/student materials
• Participating in recruiting sessions
• Liaising between school leadership and ALP Marketing and Development teams

Desired skills and background:
A person who is successful in this role of Site Coordinator will have all or most of the skills/background below.
• Belief that ALL students can learn and have the potential to perform at or above grade level
• Effective written and verbal communication skills
• Knowledge and respect of public school culture
• Experience providing encouragement, feedback, and coaching to volunteers
• Ability/willingness to quickly build expertise in teaching, learning, and assessing
• Interpersonal skills (listening, constructive feedback, empathy) with tutors, students, and school staff
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
• Ability to problem-solve student challenges and behaviors
• Experience working in low to moderate socioeconomic communities & elementary-aged students
• Time management (ability to prioritize)
• Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and/or comparable Google programs as well as video-conferencing platforms (Zoom or Microsoft Teams)

Typical work week:
A Site Coordinator will typically work 20-24 hours a week with hours within a school day schedule. In all, approximately 15 hours are designated for tutor support at your school sites and the remaining hours are for ALP meetings, scheduling, communications, and computer work.

Hours are slightly seasonal, in line with the program calendar. Several weeks in August and May will require up to 30-35 hours per week for program assessments and beginning and end of school year logistics.

ALP Is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, gender Identity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or genetic information.

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