Co-op Food Market General Manager

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The West Boulevard Co-operative Food Market (“WBCFM”) will be a full service, member-owned, equal opportunity grocery store focused on healthy, local, sustainable, and affordable food options. Incorporated in 2022, WBCFM plans to launch a member-owner campaign by the Fall of 2023. The GM will serve as a key player in leading the implementation and success of this start-up cooperative venture. Guided by WBCFM’s mission and reporting to the Board of Directors, the GM is responsible for the leadership and management of this start-up retail grocery operation.

The ideal candidate will have senior management experience in the retail grocery industry (particularly co-operative), the ability to develop and implement strategic initiatives, strong leadership and team-building abilities, excellent supervisory and communication skills, proven financial management experience, a commitment to co-operative principles, and experience operating in racially and ethnically diverse business settings and communities.

The job of the General Manager is to lead the Co-operative, so that it achieves the goals and objectives developed by the Board of Directors.

▪ At least five (5) years of successful grocery store experience in an executive management role (Co-op Grocery Store experience is preferred)
▪ A strategic understanding of food retail and co-operative grocery store operations with management expertise and command of the wide range of functions required to build a successful Co-op business
▪ Extensive experience in entrepreneurial financial management and business planning, and the ability to apply these skills to situations and settings aligned to the Co-op business
▪ A strong track record of empowering talent and potential in a wide range of roles, including Co-op volunteers, Co-op members, Co-op staff, and Constituents
▪ Ability to build teams and hold staff as well as volunteers accountable in a way that builds trust and commitment
▪ Strong communication skills that that are necessary to work with staff, volunteers, customers, and the Board
▪ Strong commitment to the vision, values and structure of the Co-op
▪ Experience with a startup business that can move the Co-op through its opening into a time of settled, creative, and sustainable existence
▪ Confidence, passion, and a leadership style that energizes participation and collaboration
▪ Ability to communicate openly with the Board and provide a shared vision with clear metrics for success
▪ A desire to address complex issues collaboratively with Board, leaders, and staff

Financial and Planning
▪ Develop and recommend to the Board of Directors long- and short-term plans to achieve WBCFM purposes
▪ Prepare operating and capital budgets for approval by the Board
▪ Direct all financial operations of the West Boulevard Co-operative Food Market
▪ Assist the Board in fundraising and membership acquisition efforts needed to sustain successful operations
▪ Investigate new business opportunities and make recommendations to the Board on expansion, relocation, and acquisitions
▪ Conduct negotiations on behalf of the organization
▪ Provide timely, accurate, and relevant information to the Board
▪ Participate in regional and national coop and industry events

▪ Ensure a profitable, growing business
▪ Maintain knowledge of natural foods retailing and industry trends
▪ Maintain appropriate relations with wholesale distributors, local markets, and other industry sources
▪ Ensure the establishment and maintenance of a product mix that meets member needs
▪ Plan and execute a margin strategy designed to be price competitive and maintain adequate profit for growth
▪ Ensure compliance with all applicable laws: licenses, permits, health regulations, employment, etc.

▪ Oversee compliance with WBCFM’s personnel policies and update as needed
▪ Hire, supervise, and evaluate staff
▪ Develop and manage a staffing chart that promotes fair distribution of work while maintaining maximum service to customers
▪ Prepare a yearly payroll budget that meets operating budget constraints
▪ Ensure a safe, healthy workplace for employees
▪ Ensure adequate training of staff

▪ Develop an advertising and marketing strategy to increase public awareness of WBCFM’s products and services
▪ Execute the advertising and marketing plan within budgetary guidelines
▪ Communicate information about the business to the members through a monthly newsletter and an annual report
▪ Prepare or oversee store displays, signage, and other promotions to maximize marketing impact
▪ Perform other duties assigned by the Board of Directors

Compensation and Benefits:
The West Boulevard Co-operative Food Market is an equal opportunity employer and offers a competitive wage and benefits package. Salary Range $80,000 – $90,000.


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