Blind Date: Matthew and Rod share a love for the arts. But will their date paint a romantic connection?

Blind Date: Matthew and Rod share a love for the arts. But will their date paint a romantic connection?

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Edwards, owner of Splatter Charlotte.

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We’re back with another installment of our Blind Date series.

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Editor’s note: Responses have been edited lightly for length and clarity.

This time, we paired Matthew and Rod.

First, let’s get to know Matthew:

  • He’s 24 and works in finance.
  • He enjoys wine, travel, art, food, TV and movies, museums, comedy, nonprofits and music.
  • His ideal Charlotte day starts with matcha at home, followed by hanging at a wine bar with friends, and it ends with a jazz show.
  • He describes himself as “witty, direct and caring, all while being fun-loving and approachable.”

    Then there’s Rod.

      • He’s 26 and works in interior design.
      • He enjoys jogging, brewery/bar hopping with friends, going to the gym and reading.
      • His ideal Charlotte day is spent with friends either by the pool or at a brewery — “but the day would have to start with me making breakfast,” he says.
      • He describes himself as “an introverted extrovert who likes to have fun.”

        These two creative, outgoing individuals seemed like a potential match. So, we tested their chemistry over splatter painting at Splatter Charlotte and drinks at Wooden Robot.

        Photos: Courtesy of Tim Edwards, owner of Splatter Charlotte.

        I called Matthew and Rod a few days afterwards to hear how the date went. Here’s what they had to say. 

        How do you typically meet your dates?

        Matthew: Nine times out of 10 it’s online. Sometimes friends set me up.

        • Now that I’m in a nine to five in the professional world, [online] is really the only time I ever meet people.

        Rod: Either through datings apps like Hinge or on Instagram.

          On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your conversation?

          Matthew: An eight or nine. It was slow at first, but it picked up.

          • After Splatter, we went to Wooden Robot and it was easier to chat there.

          Rod: A six or seven.

          • I don’t think our interests were exactly aligned, but it was easy to talk to him.

          How would you describe your chemistry?

          Matthew: Romantically, he just wasn’t my type. But from a friend perspective, the chemistry was good.

          • The date felt like I was hanging out with someone I already knew.

          Rod: I don’t think there was much chemistry between us.

          • It seemed like a mutual feeling.

          What are your thoughts on the date overall?

          Matthew: Splatter was a great activity, but it felt a little intimate for a first date.

          • Wooden Robot felt like a much more typical setting.

          Rod: The activity was cool. It gives you something to do and breaks down walls.

          • We were able to actually talk more at Wooden Robot, though.

          What’s next? How did you leave it?

          Matthew: We left things pretty neutral.

          • I sent a text saying to get home safely and that it was nice to meet him.
          • We had some mutual friends, so I could see us hanging out with them in the future.
          • Overall, it was a more positive experience than I thought it was gonna be.

          Rod: We exchanged a couple texts, basically saying it was nice getting to meet each other.

          • I don’t think we’ll go on another date, but I’d pursue a friendship.

          Before we hang up, I have to know — who’s keeping the canvas?

          Matthew: Rod is. He’s an interior designer, so I figured he’d appreciate it more.

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