Briefing for Monday December 28: Panthers streak is over

Briefing for Monday December 28: Panthers streak is over
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Hello Monday. It’s Andrew.

I had forgotten what this feels like.Yes, I’m a grown man, but yes, I stomp around a little bit when my team loses. And when the Panthers winning steak finally came to an end Sunday, it was tough. I was never in the camp that hoped the Panthers would lose before the playoffs to get it out of their system or whatever. I would have loved a perfect season. But now that it’s not possible, I’ll look on the bright side. Maybe the team will rally after this game exposed their imperfections. 

But seriously, did it have to be Atlanta? I can’t stand it. There’s only one team I hate to lose to more, and that’s the Bengals because it’s my wife’s team and she’d gloat for weeks.



Today’s Weather: 68. Overcast. 80 percent chance of rain.
Today’s Stat: $53,274. Median household income in the city of Charlotte. 
Today’s Job: Sales Administration Supervisor at the CRVA. Apply.
Today’s Charlottean: Joon So, VP/GM of Elextrolux‘s Cold and Home Comfort Products Division, for donating more than $125,000 in fridges to South Carolina flood victims.


11 places to say yes to the dress + 6 tips for painless shopping [Beth]
I’m pretty sure Christmas time is a popular time to get engaged so I believe with a high degree of confidence that some of you will find this story especially topical. Plenty of places to pick a wedding dress in Charlotte and some life pro tips on how to approach the search. Here’s one: Many bridal shops offer shopping appointments, and you should make one.

Stop talking about gentrification in west Charlotte [Jarrell]
Instead, let’s use terms that better describe what’s happening: land loss and serial displacement, Greg writes. It’s time to stop looking at neighborhood change that involves higher income people moving in and a “hipper” vibe as a positive in its own right, and go deeper.

7 reasons you should go to the Belk Bowl [Yoho]
The big game is Wednesday, which if you’re not an N.C. State fan you might not know. There’s plenty of good reasons to be there, including free Carrie Underwood, a reasonable kickoff time and cowbells.

Work life of Michael DeVaul, chief community impact officer at YMCA of Greater Charlotte [Dunn]
Michael can be hard to pin down, but you’ll see him all over town at events involving youth programs. His go-to lunch spot is Pio Pio.

Axios Charlotte’s 20 most viewed stories of 2015 [Williams]
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What I want my family to know I learned this Christmas [Moore]
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A North End businessman might sue Charlotte’s homeless center [Perlmutt/Observer]. Some North Tryon businesses are trying to get homeless services up there relocated to help the corridor redevelop. They’ve been called “homeless haters” and the Charlotte Center City Partners is not backing them, but they insist they’re just acting reasonably and in the best interest of the city. The battle may be in court soon.

Uptown Whole Foods groundbreaking set for January 6 [Agenda/Instagram]. This is part of a half-billion-dollar project that is going to make Stonewall Street the place to be. Plans are for a 47,000-square-foot Whole Foods (that’s bigger than the one in SouthPark) plus 440 apartments and two hotels.

Forbes ranked us #4 in cities building new homes [Forbes]. They counted more than 20,000 new multifamily units and 35,500 new single-family houses since 2011, putting Charlotte behind only Houston, Raleigh and Austin in terms of percent of new housing stock built.

New STAX Total Body class with Breeze – get $80 off [Invitation/Agenda]. This female-only class led by Emily Breeze will be held indoors and outdoors, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Agenda readers can take $80 off the $200 monthly membership. 

At least the Hornets won this weekend. I think it’s because I got to check out the shootaround before the game through my college alumni group. Pretty cool. Get after it.

– Andrew

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