Three generations of Charlotteans turn to the same doctor for glaucoma care

Three generations of Charlotteans turn to the same doctor for glaucoma care
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Produced in partnership with CEENTA.

Three women, one doctor and a lifetime of care.

The story: Bonita (52), her mother Bonnie (73) and her grandmother Florence (91) all have glaucoma, an eye disease of the optic nerve that can cause vision loss over time.

They also all see Dr. Adrian Elfersy at Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates’ Concord location.

  • Here’s why: All three women agree that Dr. Elfersy and the entire CEENTA team provide the best, most convenient care for their condition.

Bonnie, Florence and Bonita. Photo via CEENTA.

The background: Glaucoma is often caused by a buildup of pressure in the eye, resulting in damaged nerve fibers, blind spots and vision loss.

  • It can be genetic, and early detection and treatment (through surgery and medicines) are key to improving outcomes.

Florence’s care

Florence (91) was previously diagnosed with glaucoma, and began seeing Dr. Elfersy at CEENTA in 2018 because the Concord office is just a few miles from her home. She eventually underwent laser eye surgery with him to reduce pressure from her glaucoma.

“From the first time I met Dr. Elfersy, I thought he was a really good doctor. His friendly approach made me feel at ease,” Florence said.

  • “He took a special interest in my vision and he seemed to actually care about me.”

Bonnie’s care

Bonnie (73) was already Dr. Elfersy’s patient when Florence was diagnosed, so he tested her for glaucoma as well.

Next steps: After finding out that she also had the disease, Bonnie began seeing Dr. Elfersy more extensively. “Early detection is important, so I’m glad that he takes the condition seriously and gives thorough examinations,” Bonnie said.

Even better: Bonnie appreciates Dr. Elfersy’s “knowledge and diligence. He treats the disease but also the patient.”

Bonita’s care

The reason: Following her mother’s and grandmother’s diagnoses, Bonita (52) was eventually tested for and diagnosed with glaucoma.

“Dr. Elfersy always does a good job explaining the vision tests, medications and procedures that I need in order to preserve my vision,” Bonita explained.

Even better: “CEENTA’s offices provide exceptional care and the team members are always professional and considerate,” said Bonita.

The takeaway

Reflecting on all of their experiences, Bonnie said:

“None of us are happy with our glaucoma diagnosis; however, we are thankful to have a specialist in our area to preserve our vision. We trust Dr. Elfersy because of his expertise, his team, and his genuine interest in his patients.”

Routine eye exams can detect conditions like glaucoma and protect against vision loss. Schedule yours at one of CEENTA’s 15+ locations.

Produced in partnership with CEENTA. Responses have been edited for brevity and clarity. 

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