Briefing for Tuesday December 22

Briefing for Tuesday December 22
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Hello Tuesday. It’s Andrew.

After my first year in Charlotte, the property management company of the apartment I was in increased my rent by 20 percent. By literally $150. But I didn’t move, because I hate moving. It’s worth it to me to not have to pack things up and move them and set things up. But I gladly spent my entire day Monday rubbing my fingers raw setting up IKEA furniture at the new Agenda HQ. Why? Because it’s going to help us produce better work. Plus invite more of you over to come hang out with us. Sure, I still said bad words under my breath when the hexagonal tool wouldn’t get the screw in right, but I said those words with joy in my heart. Stay tuned.


Today’s Weather: 68. Heavy rain (100 percent chance of rain).
Today’s Stat: $82 million. Price that Edens paid for Park Road Shopping Center. 
Today’s Job: Digital Marketing Specialist at Carolina CAT. Apply
Today’s Charlottean: Tim Hamilton and Ron Wootten, co-owners of Paper Skyscraper, for dominating in an Amazonian world and writing the following on the bottom of their about page: “They’re a good-looking group, aren’t they?”


Inside the Fort Knox of Charlotte alcohol [Dunn]
Every legal drop of alcohol in our county passes through these doors off North Tryon Street. It has about $3 million in inventory at any given time. That’s a lot of Jack Daniel’s. Take a look inside.

Mocco Bistro is now open on South Boulevard [Levans]
This spot is right by Scaleybark Station at the intersection of South Boulevard and Old Pineville, and it has incredible European pastries. I tried the Napoleon and it was awesome.

GoodRoad Ciderworks is coming to Southside [Levans]
Yes, this is coming to the same road as Sugar Creek Brewing and Great Wagon Road distillery. Right by Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, too. They’re creating a hot spot in LoSo (which may or may not become a thing).

Has Charlotte made progress in ending homelessness? [Beck]
In 2006, our community published a report known as the “10-year plan to end homelessness.” As we come upon that deadline, obviously there are still people living on the streets. But Beck took a deep look at whether Charlotte has truly made progress, and found that we have.

Check out these local holiday brews (I tried a few for you) [Papajohn]
Check out Sycamore Brewing’s Christmas Cookie Ale or NoDa’s Hoppy Holidays since you’re not really going to be doing any work this week anyway.

Candy Girl Confections: Charlotte’s one-stop shop for doughnut leggings, emoji socks and other unique gifts [Levans]
This was the only place in the city that sold candy LEGO bricks, so I’m forever in its debt after my son’s LEGO party this summer. But while I was there, I saw how awesome this place is.

I threw up on Christmas, and that about sums up my feelings toward it [Moore]
I remember having to wait at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning for my parents to set up the camcorder at the bottom, but I never descended, insulted the collection of gifts and then vomited. Great story on the stress of the holidays.


J. Crew is planning to open in January [Agenda/Instagram]. This is the new Mercantile location at Park Road Shopping Center. Construction is moving along.

WSOC is the top TV station in Charlotte [Shapiro/CBJ]. This is the ABC affiliate in the market. It edged out WBTV (CBS affiliate) in the rankings.

Panthers playoff tickets go on sale today [Twitter]. Starting at 6 p.m. through Ticketmaster only. Starts at $58 if you’re fast enough.

QC Fin Tech is seeking applicants for spring accelerator [Web]. This group will take your financial startup and help it expand. The 12-week program includes some of the best advisors in the business.

The Panthers brought bats to the field and Odell Beckham Jr. says he was threatened [Deadspin] The Giants top receiver had an epic meltdown during the game against the Panthers and will now serve a one-game suspension. But he’s saying it only happened because the Panthers threatened him with baseball bats. Weird.

Don’t forget that your trash is getting picked up a day early this week (this means that mine is out there this morning). Apparently only 20 percent of people are remembering so far. Get after it.

– Andrew

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