7 reasons you should go to the Belk Bowl

7 reasons you should go to the Belk Bowl
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The 14th annual Belk Bowl is taking place on December 30 in Bank of America Stadium, and if you haven’t planned on going to the game, here is the article that is going to convince you.*

In order to make convincing you as easy as possible I have created seven simple reasons you should go ahead and email your boss that you are taking the 30th off to hang out with me at the Belk Bowl.**

(Full disclosure: Miller Yoho works with the Charlotte Sports Foundation, host of the Belk Bowl.) 

(7) Not the same Belk Bowl

With the College Football Playoff coming into existence a year ago the bowl structure was drastically changed. This turned out to be a HUGE positive for Charlotte and the Belk Bowl as we are now tied in with the SEC and ACC, and are one of the first bowls that select in each conference.


It’s a little complicated, but all you need to know is from now on football fans in Charlotte will see great teams from two of the top conferences in Bank of America Stadium every year.


Photo courtesy of the Charlotte Sports Foundation

(6) Carrie Underwood!

YES…Carrie Underwood will performing a free concert at FanFest starting at 1 p.m.*** I could write more, but let’s be honest, you are already sold.

(5) N.C. State home game?

N.C. State has a huge alumni base in Charlotte and there is no reason the Wolfpack shouldn’t show up in force. N.C. State is 2-0 all-time in the Belk Bowl and with a win would finish the season with 8 wins.

(4) 3:30 p.m. kickoff

It’s time for an honest conversation. At first look, 3:30 p.m. on a Wednesday may seem like an odd time, but if you live in Charlotte it is PERFECT. Go ahead and take the day off, sleep in, watch a free concert by Carrie Underwood, go to a football game, and then you have your night free to celebrate New Year’s Eve’s Eve.

(3) Dak Prescott

Want to watch the college Cam Newton? Then this is your guy.

(2) College football pageantry

CLANGA!!! Mississippi State fans bring their cowbells everywhere, and they are LOUD. Therefore, consider yourself warned.

But, isn’t this what makes college football so amazing? The fact that there are marching bands, pageantry and odd traditions like cowbells make these games so much more fun. My suggestion is to lean into this odd (and very loud) tradition and get your own cowbell for the game.

(1) Do you think Charlotte can host large sporting events? Prove it!

I work for the organization**** that brings a lot of these events in town, and as we try to host more events we need your support. Charlotte deserves to be in the conversation to host the Super Bowl or the College Football Playoff, and the best way to prove this is to support all of the events that occur.

Need tickets? Go to BelkBowl.com

Questions? Tweet @BelkBowl or post on the Facebook page.

*Not sure I can really guarantee this – but I do have a pretty compelling argument.
**Technically I will be in the press box working, but I promise to wave.
***Pro Tip – get there EARLY to make sure you have a good spot to watch.
****Charlotte Sports Foundation

Cover image courtesy of the Charlotte Sports Foundation

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