Here’s what to expect from the 2 new restaurants replacing Monkey Joe’s at Park Road Shopping Center

Here’s what to expect from the 2 new restaurants replacing Monkey Joe’s at Park Road Shopping Center
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Park Road Shopping Center continues its global domination. Edens, the owner of the shopping center, recently announced the two new restaurants that are taking the old Monkey Joe’s spot with a target opening of this spring.

The restaurants: Burtons Grill and Urban Cookhouse.

Don’t try to act like you’ve ever heard of these two restaurants. You haven’t. There are only eight Urban Cookhouse locations and 10 Burtons Grill locations.

These two restaurants are hot concepts that are poised for explosive growth. Honestly, I trust Edens with my life; they’re freakishly smart retail developers. Sure, they’re quietly showing the door to places like Situl, but when you’re changing the face of Charlotte retail, you’re never going to make everybody happy.

Edens is like the stud quarterback in high school. The kids in chess club might complain that they’re not nice, but Edens is too busy winning and making out with all the cheerleaders to care — and that’s not a bad thing.

Let’s talk Urban Cookhouse first.

Urban Cookhouse

What’s the vibe? I’d compare it to Earl’s Grocery. You order at the counter, they bring it out. Fresh local ingredients. Meat is cooked on big green eggs, which is pretty cool. The concept is described using language like “Southern with a twist” and “New local Americana comfort food.”

How much does it cost? Dishes are under $10.

What am I going to order? Popular dishes: Chicken Salad “housemade chicken salad served on wheat bread with lettuce and tomatoes,” BALT “Applewood bacon, avocado, lettuce, and tomatoes with aioli on toasted white bread” and chipotle braised pork  with”Housemade pickles and aioli on two warm yeast rolls.” View full menu here. Good salads, too.

Fun facts? Beer and wine will served. Headquartered in Columbia, SC. Huge catering business as well.

Prediction: Will dominate. Charlotte doesn’t have enough fast casual spots. This is why you’re seeing success at with concepts like Earl’s, Zoe’s Kitchen, Mayobird and Chop’t.

I don’t like to read, show me photos of Urban Cookhouse…

@bigspoonbham is at our Summit location tserving up delicious ice cream sandwiches until 1:30 today!

A photo posted by Urban Cookhouse (@urbancookhouse) on

Burtons Grill

What’s the vibe: Polished casual dining. American food. Best comparison is BrickTop’s or Rooster’s.

How much does it cost and what am I going to order? Appetizers: Sesame Crusted Tuna ($14.95) to Buffalo Chicken Dip ($12.95) to Philly Spring Rolls ($12.95). Sandwiches: Classic Cheese Burger ($13.95) to  Fish Tacos ($13.95) to Griddled Club ($12.95). Salads: Mediterranean ($9.95) to Roasted Beet ($10.95) to Cobb ($10.95). Entrees: Crab Cakes ($25.95) to Mediterranean Chicken Risotto $19.95) to Filet Mignon ($35.95) to Pork Tenderloin ($20.95). View full menu here.

Fun facts? Excellent cocktail program.

Prediction: If the food is at least “very good” it’ll win. BrickTop’s does a huge business and is very comparable. There’s also not an upscale American restaurant in this area (unless you put Good Food in this category, but Good Food is on another level). At these price points, success isn’t as guaranteed as Urban Cookhouse — Burtons will have to work for it. That said, the location is unreal. 

I don’t like to read, show me photos of Burtons Grill…

Feel outside, indoors! #burtonsgrill

A photo posted by Burtons Grill (@burtonsgrill) on

Have you tried any of our new appetizers?! #ctfood #burtonsgrill #cteats #deliciousfood #southwindsor

A photo posted by BurtonsGrillofSouthWindsor (@burtonsgrillofsouthwindsor) on

The best beet salad two days in a row! (That’s my daughter in the background!)

A photo posted by mrsherald (@mrsherald) on

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