Business Development in Financial Services

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Optcapital is a 25-year-old financial services firm located in Charlotte, NC. Over the past 2 years our client base doubled and we expect that rate of growth to continue. We acquire new clients by word-of- mouth referrals from existing clients, financial advisers and consultants located throughout the United States.


We are seeking to hire a Business Development Associate. with Primary responsibilities include:
• Proactively communicating with top clients (approximately 50) via telephone and email to answer any questions, maintain a relationship, seek referrals and encourage additional business activity
• Proactively communicating with top referral sources (approximately 100) to keep them informed of ongoing business activity and to seek additional business opportunities
• Working with the business development team to respond to client and prospective client requests
• Representing the company on audio and video calls with prospective clients

Work expectations:
Our business hours are 8:30 – 5:30. Work will occasionally need to be done outside of those hours, however, it is not a regular requirement. Currently, we work in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesday to promote and facilitate knowledge sharing among team members.

Optcapital provides full benefits, including 100% of cost of healthcare for the employee, a 401(k) plan with match, free parking and three weeks of vacation.

This job will not require regular travel, but occasional overnight trips will occur.

We make every effort to honor personal time.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for an individual with five or more years of experience in the financial services industry. A Series 7 licensing is required. However, if you do not currently have a Series 7 license, we will provide time and resources to prepare, and will expect the license to be obtained within four months of hire date

We are looking for someone who is a good communicator (verbal & written), well-organized and who is looking for a sustainable and healthy personal life/work balance.

Optcapital is a small firm, with 11 employees. Adding an employee is a meaningful and important decision for our firm. We value our culture and our reputation and are looking for someone who will enhance both.

Compensation will be salary and bonus, heavily weighted towards salary. The total compensation target
is $150,000 – $200,000 depending upon experience and background.