Birdsong Brewery tattoos and cans

Birdsong Brewery tattoos and cans
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Amanda Johnson loves her job.

No really – she got a tattoo that proves it.


Amanda got the Birdsong Brewing logo inked the day the new facility opened and then showed up for her shift. How about that for employee dedication!


And in case you missed the grand opening or haven’t stopped in – you should – you will not be disappointed. If you remember their old space, the new space will feel huge and the vibe the same – eclectic and laid back.

Pushing suds since 2011 – the brewery is getting set up with its own canning line. Up first – Jalapeno Pale Ale.

Just received our first shipment of empty #cans! #cltbeer

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Cool stuff you should know

  • There are no TVs at Birdsong. They want you to chat with your friends and neighbors. The lack of TV’s lends itself to a sense of community. They like that.
  • ‘Bird Song’ is a Grateful Dead song – music filters through their beer as well – many beers are named after songs.
  • Amanda is one of several employees that sport a Birdsong logo tattoo.
  • Jeff Bowman is a brewer at Birdsong – who doesn’t have a Birdsong tattoo – but is a scientist of beer.

By the numbers: 

  • Bowman and the Brew Team budgeted to throw out 6 batches of beer to ‘get it right’ on the new brew system at the new facility. Bowman says they only trashed 2 – ‘Lazy Bird Brown Ale’ (it wasn’t brown enough) and ‘Higher Ground IPA’.
  • Their old brew system was a 10 barrel system while the new system is 30 barrels.
  • This is what they will be filling all of those empty cans with:



The facility has ‘U’ shaped tables to invite more conversation. You can sit inside – or enjoy the sun outside:

birdsong brewery


Either way – it’ll make you want to try some beer.


Or get a tattoo.

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