9 Black Charlotte interior designers to support year-round

9 Black Charlotte interior designers to support year-round

Photo: Amanda Anderson, courtesy of Marie Cloud

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Charlotte is full of talented creatives, but certain industries like interior design still lack diversity, industry experts tell Axios.

What’s happening: Marie Cloud, owner and principal designer of Indigo Pruitt Design Studio, says she’s noticed “a lot of awareness and hearing the stories” of Black interior designers — but real action to make the Charlotte interior design industry inclusive is lacking. 

Why it matters: Interior design is a hard field to break into. Charlotte, however, has a growing number of talented Black designers who are pushing boundaries in the industry.

For the average consumer, there are a number of ways to engage with Black designers. 

  • “Be OK with being intentional,” Cloud says. “Go to Crate and Barrel and say ‘point me to furniture by BIPOC designers.'” 
  • Hire a Black designer and work with them beyond one room, tell your friends about their work, buy Black-designed products and furniture. 
  • Diversifying your feed and sharing the work of Black designers on social media are free ways to support the community, too. 

Of note: More media exposure and invitations to speak on panels could help elevate Black designers, too, Cloud says. 

    “What’s trending is what mainstream culture is showing in magazines,” Cloud says. “If that’s driving the dollar, we’re going to be on the short end of the stick every time.”

    “We’re here and it has to matter,” she adds.

    If you’re in need of an interior designer, here are nine to consider, listed in no particular order.

    Dressing Rooms Interiors, Ariene Bethea

    Instagram | Website

    Ariene Bethea is known for her use of color and ability to curate meaningful design moments. And if you’ve ever been in her vintage home store, you know she’s also a professional treasure hunter.

    Book if: You’re not afraid of color and want your home to tell a story.

    ariene bethea dressing rooms interiors

    Photo: Brie Williams, courtesy of Ariene Bethea

    ariene bethea dressing rooms interiors

    Photo: Courtesy of Ariene Bethea

    Ball and Jacks Designs, Jacqueline Bowman Snow

    Instagram | Website

    Jacqueline Bowman Snow offers a range of services, from personal shopping for specific items to full-service design.

    Book if: You want help creating a space that inspires.

    Dwell By Cheryl, Cheryl Luckett

    Instagram | Website

    Cheryl Luckett is all about opulence within reach. She has a knack for raising homes to their highest potential with decorating.

    Book if: You want your home to be equally luxurious and comfortable.

    dwell by cheryl Laura Sumrak Photography

    Photo: Laura Sumrak Photography

    Quin Gwinn Studio, Quin Gwinn

    Instagram | Website

    Quin Gwinn is known for her modern, fresh style that infuses color and contemporary art. She’s done it all, from residential renovations to small commercial projects.

    Book if: You’re a small business in need of space planning and love millennial style.

    quin gwinn

    Photo: Joshua Galloway, courtesy of Quin Gwinn

    Muse Noire Interiors, Ashley Ross

    Instagram | Website

    Ashley Ross does full-service residential and commercial design, and production set design. Clients are drawn to her contemporary global design aesthetic.

    Book if: You want a beautiful, culturally rich space that’s designed to support your wellbeing.


    Photo: Camille Hughes/Her Hues Photography, courtesy of Ashley Ross

    Muse Noire Interiors commerical project

    Commercial Project for Charlotte Fit Boutique Gym for Women. Photo: Tiffany Ringwald Photography, courtesy of Ashley Ross

    D’ Nicole Design Studio, Denean Jackson

    Instagram | Website

    Whether you’re looking for a refresh or need help from the ground up, Denean Jackson does it all. Her specialty is multi-room projects (think: living room, primary suite and home office).

    Book if: You love the timeless, transitional style.

    denean jackson photo

    Photo: Courtesy of Denean Jackson

    Denean Nicole Decor home office

    Marie Cloud, Indigo Pruitt Design Studio

    Instagram | Website

    Marie Cloud’s not-so-secret ingredient to crafting incredible interiors is relationship building. Her design philosophy is to get to know her clients’ passions and attributes to create soulful and curated spaces.

    Book if: You want your home to be an expression of you.

      marie cloud interior designer charlotte

      marie cloud indigo pruitt design

      Photos: Amanda Anderson, courtesy of Marie Cloud

      Brown Builders Design, Tiffany Brown

      Instagram | Website

      Tiffany Brown is a residential and commercial interior designer who leans into timeless, organic and sustainable design.

      Book if: You want to transform your house into a sacred retreat.

      The Vogue Room LLC, Ebony L. Staten

      Instagram | Website

      Ebony L. Staten marries personal style with one-of-a-kind, fabulous home design.

      Book if: You like bold, fashion-forward design.

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