Festival and Special Events Producer

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Job summary:
Envision bold, impactful festival and special event programs that actively engage the entire community.

Research, view and evaluate possible programs and projects.

Negotiate deal terms and contracts. Cultivate agents, artists, and providers of festival and special event programs.

Work productively with other Programming staff, consultants and other partners who will be working similarly on other niches of BPA Programming.


Develop and maintain strong relationships with colleagues at other venues and festivals who plan similar events, and who may participate in block booking as well as share information.

Work cooperatively with local arts groups to meaningfully integrate them with plans for outside artists.

Function successfully in a very fast paced environment that requires discipline in planning and execution, good communication with others inside and outside BPA to troubleshoot problems and plan in detail.

• Research ideas for artists, projects and programs, including existing and new ideas
• Follow carefully what our peers at similar venues are presenting, and what is succeeding or not succeeding in their programs
• Meet with local as well as national/international artists to discuss proposals for new programs
• Research changes in consumer interests and emerging trends that help us know what the public is interested in seeing
• Cultivate agents, artists, and co-production partners for BPA-presented events in a festival or special event setting
• Travel to other cities to evaluate and preview events
• Pursue block-booking and co-production opportunities with local, regional, and national peers
• Develop budget and ticket pricing to evaluate proposed events
• Negotiate deal terms and contracts
• Prepare and review deal memos, contracts, riders and other legal documents for review and approval of the BPA President
• Post calendar and other planning information used by others in a timely manner
• Work closely with event and production personnel to evaluate, plan and manage events in non- traditional locations. This includes BPA Production/Technical staff and production team members in the programming department
• Works closely with event site managers on set-up, operation and take-down of event sites
• Create individual event budgets, as well as overall festival/special event budget. Process payments to artists and event settlements
• Works closely with other programming staff in planning and management of events, particularly the Director of Creative Engagement and Director of Artistic Experiences who work on closely aligned projects
• Create and distribute Ticket Set-ups to Support Services Ticketing Department
• Work with the Marketing Department on marketing, promotion, and sales plans to assure that communication and positioning are accurate and effective
• Work with the Education Department to develop and implement educational activities that enhance the public’s understanding of the production and/or art form
• Assist the Development Department in sponsor/donor hospitality and recognition
• Represent BPA by attending professional conferences, workshops and meetings including groups such as TIPCON, and similar trade and professional associations
• Nurture positive, cooperative relationships with local artists and arts organizations
• Seek out opportunities to collaborate and minimize competition and duplication

• Requires a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience
• A minimum 5 years of event or artistic planning experience
• Ability to multi-task on various projects
• Strong communication kills
• Must be able to manage a team of people working on the same event
• Must be extremely detail oriented
• COVID-19 vaccination required