Popular sub shop Capriotti’s expands to Charlotte with 10 locations

Popular sub shop Capriotti’s expands to Charlotte with 10 locations

The famous Bobbie sandwich. Photo: Emma Way/Axios

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The Delaware-born sandwich shop Capriotti’s has opened its first Charlotte-area location in Fort Mill and plans to open nine more throughout Charlotte.

This Delawarean is very excited. (Delaware is the tiny state east of Maryland and south of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, in case you were unsure.)

The big picture: The humble 1970s sub shop in Wilmington, Delaware, has now grown to over 100 locations across the country. It’s headquartered in Las Vegas.

  • The Charlotte franchise’s director of operations Jon Tavernier plans to hit 10 in the Charlotte area alone within the next eight years — and two or three by the end of 2022.
  • Tavernier and franchise owners Todd Guear and David Froman are looking for locations in South End, Steele Creek, Rock Hill, SouthPark, Concord, Huntersville and more.

What to expect: Capriotti’s most famous sandwich is called the Bobbie. Packed with turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayo, the sandwich is year-round Thanksgiving in a bun.

  • Capriotti’s also happens to be the sub shop of choice for president (and Delawarean) Joe Biden.

The Bobbie. Photo: Emma Way/Axios

Menu: Beyond the Bobbie, Capriotti’s offers cheesesteaks, salads and a variety of hot and cold subs. Think Jimmy John’s with more creative menu options. Each sub comes in four sizes from a five-inch half sub to an 18-inch large sub. Some highlights include:

  • Classic cheesesteak ($6.69-$19.29) – grilled choice steak, mushrooms, onions, white American cheese and your choice of hot or sweet peppers (go with sweet peppers). This is a Delaware-style cheesesteak with American cheese, not a Philly style one with whiz.
  • Grilled chicken parmesan ($6.69-$18.99) – grilled chicken with onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, provolone cheese and topped with marinara and Romano cheese.
  • Capastrami ($6.29-$17.99) – hot pastrami, melty Swiss cheese, crunchy coleslaw and Russian dressing.
  • American wagyu slaw sub ($7.29-$20.69) – American Wagyu beef, coleslaw, provolone cheese, Russian dressing and mayo.
  • And you can get a half sub and half salad for $10.99.

The cheesesteak is another popular item from the menu. It’s served Delaware-style sans the cheese whiz you’d find in Philly. Photo: Emma Way/Axios

Try it: The Fort Mill Capriotti’s is already open and located about 20 minutes south of Uptown at 810 Brayden Parkway.

  • It’s open 11am-8pm daily. Delivery and pickup is available.

Ever since opening, Tavernier jokes Delaware natives have come out of the woodwork. “I’ve met so many people from Delaware,” he says.

My thought bubble: I texted my mom on Thursday and asked her to guess where I was going to eat for lunch. Capriotti’s was her first and only guess. She knows me well. Or maybe it’s just a Delaware thing.

Here’s a quick look around.

Capriotti’s is next door to Duck Donuts and Super Chix in a new Fort Mill shopping center. Photo: Emma Way/Axios

The lunch rush was just dying down when I got there around 2pm. Photo: Emma Way/Axios

Photo: Emma Way/Axios

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