Account and Production Manager

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We are a fast-growing marketing agency headquartered in Uptown Charlotte (next to Panther’s Stadium). We specialize in providing our clients with commercial print, promo, and apparel products through custom online company stores we develop on their behalf. In addition to many successful B2B focused clients, we work with large consumer brands like Boy Scouts of America, Publix, Meineke, Maaco, YMCA, and LaCroix, to name a few. The secret to success is our team members and our “whatever it takes” mindset to client support.

Job summary:
This full-time role will be a part of the supporting cast that will proudly serve our clients and take responsibility for customer service, order management, fulfillment, client retention, and account growth. You will focus on accurate and timely delivery across a variety of product lines (print, promo, and apparel products) and mediums (online portal orders and offline project orders), ensuring success for both the client and Symphonix Solutions.

This role is typically held by individuals in their first or second job out of college.

Our desired candidate will have:
• An outgoing personality with a passion for learning and growing
• Inability to be bored (only boring people are bored)
• A desire to continuously explore the constantly changing role of marketing (both digital and traditional mediums). What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow
• An ability to manage multiple projects with strong attention to detail (if you are not organized and do not enjoy multi-tasking, this is not the job for you)
• A service heart with a willingness to take ownership of customer satisfaction (whatever-it-takes mindset)
• A genuine desire to understand our clients’ needs (and a willingness to creatively serve those needs)
• Enjoys working in a fast-paced environment (slow-moving people need not apply)
• A strong desire to explore and fully leverage technology in daily activities
• Enjoys working on an onsite, cross-functional team onsite (onsite was said twice for emphasis). Some remote work may come later, after you have mastered the role
• Strong communication skills (both verbal and written)
• A willingness to “lean-in”, speak-up, volunteer, and make suggestions
• The ability to think creatively and solve problems
• A positive outlook, every day (life is too short to hang our with crabby peeps)
• Take responsibility for your own development and related pace for advancement (hard work, works)
• An ability to anticipate what is needed by clients, vendors, and team members
• A desire to ask a few simple questions: “How else can I add value to my team or our clients?” and/or “Who needs help?” and/or “Can you teach me how to do that?”
• An entrepreneurial spirit: self-motivated, resourceful, adaptable, and agile
• The courage to question existing practices that appear awkward or unnecessary
• A deep passion for doing what you said you will do. Honor your word
• A willingness to show appreciation to vendors, team members, and clients. It is amazing how gratitude impacts our collective altitude
• A sense of humor
• Honesty regarding your knowledge journey: “I don’t know the answer, let me find out.” Bluffing is strongly discouraged
• 4-year college degree
• Knowledge of the print, promo, apparel, and/or ecomm is a plus, but not necessary

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