Stay hungry, Charlotte: 16 food accounts to follow on Instagram

Stay hungry, Charlotte: 16 food accounts to follow on Instagram
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As a food lover myself, I follow all sorts of Charlotte foodie Instagram accounts. They inspire me to try new dishes, add new restaurants to my to-eat list and to better my own food photography. And to stay hungry like 24/7.

In no particular order, here are 16 bloggers/cooks/people-who-love-food to follow in the Queen City. Don’t read on with an empty stomach. You’ve been warned.



@qcyogi.foodie via Instagram

Why? When this chick isn’t rockin’ crazy cool yoga poses, she’s eating some damn good food. She’s proof that you can eat cupcakes and pasta and STILL be super fit.



@bestfoodcharlotte via Instagram

Why? @bestfoodcharlotte is related to MyFab5, an app that allows you to rank your favorite restaurants in Charlotte. Follow for yummy pictures shared by @chipsahoyt7 and @queencitychic, your local community leaders for the account (Full disclosure: I am also a community leader for the account). You could be the next featured photo.


bacon wrapped scallops

@chrissie_beth via Instagram

Why? She cooks, eats and writes great blog posts. Do yourself a favor and follow both her Instagram and blog for something new to cook (or eat) tonight.



@feedmecharlotte via Instagram

Why? She and I are totally on the same page. Every time I see a post, I’m like, yes, I want THAT. If you’re not on Insta, follow along on Facebook (/feedmeclt).



@charlotte_lately via Instagram

Why? If you love Charlotte and beautiful photography, follow this blogger. Her photos belong in a magazine. You’ll get a taste of Charlotte through artsy angles and perfect lighting.



@chuck_stops via Instagram

Why? Because this dude knows how to eat. I periodically visit this account to make sure I don’t miss a thing. He also travels, so you’ll get doses of food from all over. Be warned – you’re gonna want a heaping pile of nachos or a giant burger after viewing this one.



@cltfoodie via Instagram

Why? She’s eating her way through Charlotte and documenting it all. Follow for a variety of food shots, from delicious sandwiches and wraps to pretty, picture-worthy donuts.



@eatclt via Instagram

Why? Wanna stare at incredible food and also get a chuckle out of it? @eatclt pairs every photo with a play on words related to the meal. For example, “Sweet mother of pearl” under a photo of oysters. Genius!



@birchcollective via Instagram

Why? A Charlotte blogger since 2009, Kseniya knows how to eat well in this city. Follow for a look into not only her great appetite but for adorable baby and doggy photos, too. Best of all worlds.



@puppiesandbrunch via Instagram

Why? Get ready to get starving (for donuts, bagels, mac-and-cheese, etc.) She eats everyone’s favorite guilty pleasures and makes them look gorgeous, too. And occasionally, you’ll get a glimpse of her adorable pup in the background. Win!



@jenniferlover via Instagram

Why? Another one of my favorite feeds. She lives in NC but travels for work, so you’ll be fantasizing about eats in NYC, too. And if you cook (unlike me), check out her recipes, then give me a call and confirm how delicious they taste.



@eatsofclt via Instagram

Why? Yet another decadent look into CLT eats and drinks. You’ll get a variety of meal ideas for months by following this one. There’s nothing on this feed I don’t want to try!



@queencitychic via Instagram

Why? A fellow @bestfoodcharlotte community leader. She’s basically a local celeb! Follow for yummy eats, fashion ideas and breathtaking skyline shots of the Queen City.



@ravenouspanda via Instagram

Why? First of all, I’m dying to try this sandwich. Second, this blogger rocks. She eats scrumptious CLT dishes and cooks, too. (Check out the seared scallop recipe on her blog. Looks amazing, right?)



@restauranttraffic via Instagram

Why? Love this account for all things food-related in Charlotte. Follow for reviews, new opening announcements and photos of delightful dishes from all around the city. Their blog is separated by neighborhoods, so use it as a resource when trying to narrow down your options.


@sliceofjess via Instagram

Why? I’m very inspired by Jessica’s account. She eats so many good things and always manages to get gorgeous photos of it all. Plus, she cooks for her family and posts delicious recipes on her blog.



@eatdrinkclt via Instagram

Why? *insert shame(less/ful) self-plug here*

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