See inside: this waterfront home on Lake Norman got a stunning renovation

See inside: this waterfront home on Lake Norman got a stunning renovation
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This content was created in partnership with the Redbud Group.

The Redbud Group is quietly becoming a renovation powerhouse in Charlotte, and this Lake Norman home’s transformation proves it.

Christian Baker, VP of Special Projects at Redbud (which includes a new venture focused on renovation and new construction called Redbud Homes) was tasked with taking this home to the next level.

Here’s a look around the home, plus the inside scoop on the project from Baker himself.


Why did the client renovate their house?

The family purchased this home in April of 2020 with the goal of making it their forever home.

For a lake house, it’s pretty atypical because it just looks like a normal suburban home. The last owners added about 3,000 more square feet about 10 years ago. It was a weird mix of suburban and craftsman.

We quickly realized that for a young family, that intended to be in there for a long time, they needed to just start fresh.”

So, what did you change about the home?

“Our primary focus was giving them a good foundation for the future. So first we addressed maintenance issues like drainage and rotting wood.

Then, we honestly tried to keep as much as possible for the sake of the budget. Most of the changes were aesthetic and we focused on the areas that they’d interact with the most as a family.

So the kitchen was fully gutted and all of the light fixtures were changed. We painted details like railings. Anything craftsman or that just didn’t fit the house got ripped out.

  • The goal was to create something that, even if they didn’t touch it for 10-15 years, would still age well.”

How would you describe the overall style of this project?

The clients have a fun, mid-century modern style but I wanted to give them a space that wasn’t too trendy.

  • The fixtures (and other things that you don’t want to redo) are very traditional. But we got really crazy with paint colors and wallpaper because those are easily changed.

It will be a great party house. There’s a huge deck, a fire pit and a dock. It’ll definitely be a happy house.”

What are your favorite parts about this home?

“The first is in the kitchen: a built-in drying rack, I have that in my own kitchen and it’s just a functional little piece that brings me joy.

Then, it’s probably the powder room. They let me get a little bit funkier with it and do a full tile treatment with black ceilings.

And another: We put this oversized, funky, modern light fixture in the dining room.”

What’s next for Redbud Homes?

“Right now, people are having to make sacrifices because inventory is so low and competition is so high. Instead of getting their dream home, they’re just trying to get a home.

So our realtors are able to offer in-house renovations to clients. It’s one more way that Redbud can offer kind of that concierge service.

But really, Redbud Homes is still finding its niche.

  • We’ve worked fix and flips, renovations and new construction. Next, we’re looking at pocket communities.”

Here’s a look inside:

Want to find your own dream home? The Redbud Group can help.

This content was created in partnership with the Redbud Group. Contractor: Blue Brook Homes (Matt Cohn and Jeremy Wiegand). Photos via Redbud Group. 

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