Confidence is key to land your next job

Confidence is key to land your next job
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This story is proudly presented by the Axios Charlotte Job Board, where top employers find top talent.

On the job hunt? Being confident and embracing your true self will set you apart from other candidates.

Go deeper: Many employers will ask interviewees “why are you the best person for the job?”. According to Glassdoor, employers want you to respond with your skills and qualifications in order to gauge your self-confidence.

  • We reached out to top Charlotte employers to get their hot take on what they’re looking for.

The question: What is the most important qualification you look for in candidates who apply to your open positions?

The answers: Self-confidence, a mixed bag of skills, and (shocker) actually showing up for your interview.


Lauren BakerManaging Director with Mutual of Omaha for the state of North Carolina

  • My team and I look for individuals that are able to listen and build strong, authentic relationships with the members of their community and their clients so that they can reduce tension, build trust, and initiate a path to financial health and wealth.

Corri SmithOwner & Executive Leader of Black Wednesday

  • We look for people who are passionate about doing excellent work, excited about challenges, and interested in perfecting their craft through working and learning with us.

Lindsey ThompsonHuman Resources Manager at Ranger Construction

  • Someone who will actually show up for their scheduled interview. I have scheduled over 100 interviews and about 10 have shown up.

April SmithFounder and President of Social Ape Marketing

  • Drive. My goal is to hire team members who want to be a part of the Social Ape team and also want to help us grow. Over the years, I’ve discovered that team members who are passionate about what they do and what we do, tend to be happier, more fulfilled and stay with our company longer. 

Dion BearyDirector of Business Development, JUMBO

  • The single most important qualification I’m looking for when we grow our team is the clearly communicated value of the new team member. Even if you have no experience in our space (or no experience at all) I need to see the candidate clearly explain what they perceive as their value to an organization. Is it ideas? Is it enthusiasm? Is it coachability? I love to see that clarified when weeding through so many similar resumes.

Julie Shaw Senior Human Resources Officer, Charlotte JCC

  • Attitude, energy, and wanting to be a part of the community.

DC LucchesiFounder – Well-Run Media and Marketing LLC

  • In a word, flexibility.

    Bill GodwinOwner – Paper Skyscraper

    • Desire to learn.

    Greg BrownFinance Leader – Cardinal Finance, LLC

    • Desire to be part of building something rather than just having a place to work.

    Leah KnightDirector, Global Talent Acquisition – Snap One

    • The most important qualification in candidates is that they actually qualify. Many times candidates do not read the qualifications section and just apply to a job for one reason or another, the qualifications are set based on the needs of the business.

    Emily ReisDirector of Human Resources, RSM

    • We really look for soft skills. Communication, work ethic, drive, flexibility and detail-oriented candidates.

    Maureen AndersCEO/Co-Founder of AR Workshop HeadquARters

    • Hustle, passion, integrity, and a deep love of working with a growing small business to scale.

    Katie LaytonRecruiting Specialist, TRC Staffing

    • The most requested traits we’re hearing from employers are tenure and professionalism/personality. Employers seem more willing to train on industry or duties than before, but due to the challenges in the current labor market employers are looking for longer tenure because it’s the closest thing to a guarantee that they won’t be recruiting for the same position again in 9 months.

    Tripp Armstrong Chief Operating Officer of ETA Group

    • The desire to embrace adventure. Our group brings unique concepts and operates very differently than many others in the service industry and requires the ability to adjust to different policies and procedures, including healthcare, a 401(k) plan with company match, and flexible scheduling for all employees, not just corporate staff.

    Melissa NeedhamTalent Acquisition Specialist, Grubb Properties

    • We are looking for team members that are passionate about our work, have a high EQ, are team players, collaborative in nature, flexible and adaptable.

    Dawn NewsomeCommander In Chief, Moonlight Creative Group

    • I look for someone who has read the description and actually has the skills and experience we need. Unfortunately, I need someone who can join and start working immediately.

    Daniel JacobsManaging Director, TruLoan Mortgage

    • Find people who have amazing work ethics with aligned values of creating an experience you’ll love, both externally with clients and internally with colleagues.

    Vinny EspositoOwner of Split Second Sound Entertainment

    • Loyalty and reliability and to be themselves.

    Barry FinkelsteinSenior Vice President, Director of Public Relations of Luquire

    • We seek individuals who possess a combination of passion, expertise and curiosity. People who are enthusiastic about doing great work and helping others.

    Khala JohnsonRecruiting Manager of Method

    • We love hiring happy individuals who are excited to collaborate with their team members and clients across different industries. Soft skills and a happy demeanor go a long way when we’re interviewing and hiring.

    Teri Orsini – Director of Human Resources, Queens University

    •  Skills and experience align with job requirements and someone who’s excited and inspired by Queens’ mission to transform students’ lives.

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