What does the future of remote work look like in Charlotte?

What does the future of remote work look like in Charlotte?
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Fully remote work and hybrid models have become priorities for job seekers, so we asked Charlotte companies how they’re adjusting to this new normal.

By the numbers: 52% of U.S. workers say they want hybrid work, per McKinsey. And 45% of U.S. firms say they want to pursue such a model, according to a CNBC survey.

The question: Will you expect employees to work remotely, in the office, or follow a hybrid model? Why?

The answer: A very mixed bag of responses, but overall a hybrid model is in the future for many Charlotte companies. Only 20% of employers plan to be fully in person.


Addy KapurCEO of Time Tap

  • Remote/hybrid. Since moving to remote, new habits were formed and now it’s hard to go back into office full time. To get the human touch, we meet in the office once or twice a week

Lauren BakerManaging Director with Mutual of Omaha for the state of North Carolina

  • Our model is hybrid since the financial advisor career is one where you are able to meet with clients virtually or in-person to suit what is most comfortable for both the client and the advisor.

Corri SmithOwner & Executive Leader of Black Wednesday

  • We’re currently doing a blend and are working on finding a new space where we’ll be back in person for the majority of the time, with some built-in flexibility. Collaboration is so important to our creative work and we’ve realized, through all of this, how important face time is.

    Dion BearyDirector of Business Development, JUMBO

    • We currently have no plans to require any in-office work. We’ll likely remain fully remote for the foreseeable future.

        Natasha Duff-Cole – Owner and Operator of Ladies of Lineage Bridal Boutique.

        • In-office. We’ve expanded our showroom size and location and it requires expanding our team.

        Jessica BoldenHR Generalist & recruiter of Varda Partners

        • Our office will continue to be open on a voluntary basis with the option for team members to work remotely. Our hope would be for our team to return to the office in a hybrid model at some point in 2022.

        April SmithFounder and President of Social Ape Marketing

        • We no longer have an office so we will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. I have communicated to my employees that if they would prefer to work outside of their homes, we would be able to purchase a coworking space membership for them.

        Leah KnightDirector, Global Talent Acquisition – Snap One

        • We are following a hybrid model. Customer support and technical support roles have gone 100% remote while some of our technical positions require hands-on with products, therefore they come into the office.

          Aprille ShafferInsurance Agent – State Farm

          • Work from the office – I find that employees are not as focused when working from home and are therefore less productive.

          Maureen AndersCEO/Co-Founder of AR Workshop HeadquARters

          • Hybrid – we all work this way and did before 2020 as well. It works for our team

          Katie LaytonRecruiting Specialist, TRC Staffing

          • We’re seeing either in-person or hybrid. It seems like most employers (and many job seekers) are longing for more human interaction. No one will deny the appeal of being able to throw in a load of laundry during the workday. Hybrid is probably the most requested among job seekers.

          Tripp Armstrong Chief Operating Officer of ETA Group

          • Most of our current open positions will be fully in-person as the service industry requires most staff to be present during service, though some management positions will have part-time remote work options if desired.

          Melissa NeedhamTalent Acquisition Specialist, Grubb Properties

          • We are currently in a hybrid model and plan to remain in it for now. This allows for collaboration in the office and the ability to work with and get to know other internal teams.

          Dawn NewsomeCommander In Chief, Moonlight Creative Group

          • Mostly remote. We do have an office we can use for client meetings or if we want to work in-house sometimes.

          Daniel JacobsManaging Director, TruLoan Mortgage

          • While we have some remote and hybrid team members, our focus is primarily on an in-office work environment. We find a significantly higher level of camaraderie, creativity and problem solving when our team is together. Plus, we really like each other and the social aspects of being around one another.

          Vinny EspositoOwner of Split Second Sound Entertainment

          • Mostly in the office and occasionally remote. We have a better synergy when working together. We just bought a brand new office in the city and we meet with clients often and use the space.

          Barry FinkelsteinSenior Vice President, Director of Public Relations of Luquire

          • We have adopted a voluntary hybrid model in which employees can work from any location, though our office will be open for either independent work or group sessions that foster collaboration, creativity and connection.

          Khala JohnsonRecruiting Manager of Method

          • We’re leaving that up to our employees. We have re-opened offices in Charlotte, New York, Atlanta and Denver, but aren’t pressuring anyone to return if they’re not comfortable.

          Teri Orsini – Director of Human Resources, Queens University

          • Queens will continue its hybrid model; we’ve learned it works.

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