Licensed Esthetician/Lash Technician

We are a beauty studio in South Park seeking a Licensed Esthetician with a focus on Lash Extensions to join our family-like team. Qualified candidates must have:
• Current NC Esthetician license
• 2-3+ yrs of Lash experience
• Bonus: Tattoo License, 1+ yrs of Microblading experience

Important skills:
• Estheticians will recommend treatments, products and procedures based on the needs of the customer
• Strong communication skills are important to understand these needs
• Nonverbal communication skills will assist the esthetician in understanding when the customer is uncomfortable during treatment or service
Time management
• Estheticians often see multiple clients in one day and sticking to a schedule is important
• The ability to organize and monitor time is necessary to meet customer needs, especially when dealing with strict time requirements
• Customers will often turn to an esthetician to solve their beauty concerns
• Whatever the issue is, it is the role of the esthetician to help find a solution to their problem

• Part-time/Full-time
• $20k-$30k/$40-$60k – Commission based

Website:, Instagram: @bella_g_beauty_studio, Facebook: Bella G Beauty Studio