Leasing Assistant

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The Leasing Assistant is responsible for the highly professional day-to-day support of the leasing team of the Company, assigned to existing or new lifestyle and mixed-use developments.

• Possess a strong understanding of the leasing process including prospecting, cold calling, tenant evaluation, proposal, lease request, lease administration, tenant coordination, lease abstracts, and ongoing tenant retention
• Possess a strong understanding of each market and trade area Associate is working in for Hill Partners, Inc. This shall include a keen understanding of competition, demographics, characteristics of the local economy, tourist impact (if any), largest employers and other critical data for discussion and sales pitch to retailers
• Being a support position to the leasing team along with being bottom-line responsible for helping to establish and achieve team leasing goals on assigned existing or new developments
• Coordinating, organizing, and updating prospects /cold calling lists and reports for prospective national, regional, and local tenants
• Coordinating, organizing, and updating contact lists, ICSC conventions appointments, travel plans, market tours and scheduling meetings for leasing department personnel
• Coordinate, organize all leasing brochures, flyers, letters, lease plans, and leasing informational materials and submit materials to tenants per leasing personnel request via mail, e-mail, of other forms of communication
• Write, file, organize leasing business proposals to prospects request with HPI leasing team’s approval and keep uniform track of documents on HPI server and hard copy files
• Organize and update reports on a daily basis for leasing personnel on all follow-up calls regarding marketing brochures, letters of intent, business proposal submitted to prospective tenants
• Tracking of all leasing efforts via HPI database
• Assistant leasing personnel in evaluation of prospective tenant financials, tax returns, resume, reference checks, credit history and store/restaurant operating history
• Assist leasing personnel with HPI’s tenant coordination department, HPI’s construction department or outside contractor to evaluate cost above shell delivery
• Assist leasing personnel in generating the Lease Request and submission to HPI President in an accurate and complete manner, including Schedules “A” and “C” attachments, signed Letter of Intent, business references, credit check and financials
• Assist leasing personnel in the submission of information to outside attorney or paralegal to prepare lease draft
• Assist leasing personnel with the submission of the initial lease draft, redline drafts and follow up to conclude execution of the lease promptly with the use of the outside attorney, when necessary
• Assist leasing personnel with notification of lease execution to HPI’s tenant coordination team to begin the process of lease outline drawing (“LOD”) and Design Criteria submission
• Assist leasing personnel with prompt preparation and submission of lease fee billing sheet and abstracts to HPI’s accounting department
• Work in a team environment with full support and share information/contacts to facilitate lease-up of all HPI developments
• Work with all HPI departments, cooperate with all HPI staff and help support as requested by HPI officers
• Enhance HPI’s brand through participation in ICSC events and other local, regional and national events per HPI policy
• Assist in educating, training, motivating, and organizing of all leasing personnel’s efforts daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to the benefit of the development or center

• Salary, plus bonus based upon achieving annual goals and objectives
• Medical, dental and vision insurance
• Paid vacation, discretionary holiday, occasional absence, and sick days
• 401 K and other supplemental benefits