Orthodontic Assistant

Lineberger Orthodontics is not looking for an ‘orthodontic assistant’. No no no, that would be severely downplaying the awesomeness of the job we need to be done. We are looking for a Smile-Obsessed warrior, who can not only tolerate but will actually subtly dance in their chair to very loud 90’s music and top 40 pop/hip hop… Or they may possibly have a yogi-hippie-vibe and can smile calmly amongst insane chaos while also having some other unique attributes to bring to the table such as an encyclopedic knowledge on the history of tacos or like a Grand Master Sensei of Mario Kart kinda skill. This position is for our OG practice in Huntersville with the possibility of working at our Mooresville location too.

• 1-2 years of orthodontic experience is required for this position
• An appreciation of gas-station-type snack cakes like Twinkies or Zingers is preferred, but simply buying them for Doc Mateo on a random-act-of-kindness basis will suffice if you are not a fan
• Must love hugs, puppies, sneakers, bad movies (The Room, Gymkata, Troll 2 are some of the faves), and hustlin’. Next Steps If this person is you, or you are someone much cooler and weirder than the above described, please reach out IMMEDIATELY. We cannot wait to welcome you with open arms and fistbumps

To apply:
Email your resume to Courtney Robinson at Courtney@linebergerOrthodontics.com