Director Office of Research Partnerships

Office of Research Partnerships (ORP) facilitates and promotes the establishment of mutually-beneficial research relationships with businesses, industries, start-ups, national labs and government agencies through technical matchmaking and needs assessments that align university research capabilities, resources and talent with industry needs. The Office manages inbound requests and facilitates campus-wide connections for sponsored research and assists with developing and brokering research partnership agreements, including industry-sponsored research contracts, joint ventures, and intellectual property licenses. ORP helps existing and prospective industry partners access services and resources and coordinates meetings between faculty and industry representatives to discuss potential collaborations and facilitate the development of partnering strategies that enable high-impact research to meet shared industry needs. ORP also develops and stewards relationships with industry and business partners co-located on campus and oversees PORTAL and the rest of the more than 100,000 sq. ft. of laboratory and office space available to industry and government partners seeking to contribute to the university’s innovation ecosystem.

Directs and oversees activities directed at fostering and supporting the creation and growth of strategic relationships with industry, non-profit, and government partners. Leads a team of liaisons that help industries and organizations connect to campus resources and services and developing and brokering research partnership agreements, including industry-sponsored research contracts and joint ventures.

• Oversee the day-to-day operations of the Office of Research Partnerships. Works directly with college leadership, center directors, and faculty to identify, create, and sustain partnership networks and strategic regional, national, and international research partnerships
• Create a vision and strategy for building meaningful and productive relationships and partnerships with industry, government, and private foundations that support research
• Develop systems and procedures in support of the identification and development of strategic partnerships
• Coordinate the management of ongoing relationships with existing partners and leverage those relationships for greater impact and mutual benefit
• Develop, implement, and manage partnership agreements with federal, state, public, and private sector organizations
• Develop and manage reporting and financial tracking of strategic partnership activities
• Assist with oversight of campus Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers (IUCRC)
• Oversee and manage marketing efforts for ORP and key facilities, including PORTAL and the 100,000 sq. ft. of laboratory and office space available to businesses, industry, and government partners seeking to locate on campus
• Work with the Director of Ventureprise to promote, grow, and sustain the innovation and startup ecosystem of the Charlotte Region
• Build teams for interdisciplinary research that are relevant and attractive to industries and are aligned with UNC Charlotte’s research capabilities and strategic priorities
• Utilize data analytics and business intelligence tools to identify potential collaborations and partnership opportunities and to gauge and monitor progress toward the university’s research goals
• Develop and track key metrics of business development efforts and strategic partnership activities
• Identify and implement improvements to increase the office’s effectiveness and efficiency while enhancing partner satisfaction
• Implement and execute partnership-related workshops, events, and community-building programs

Education and experience:
• Master’s Degree with a minimum of five years in research and/or business development.

• An advanced degree in any technical field with at least 10 years of experience with progressive leadership responsibility in research development and support at a major research organization or university
• Proven ability to identify and develop strategic partnerships and collaborative research agreements that lead to increased funding and support from private and public sector entities
• Experience in working in a non-academic setting, including industry, national laboratories, military, or government research laboratories
• Established professional network and experience engaging with technical organizations, professional societies, and economic development organizations
• Demonstrated success with reaching out to new organizations (government, university, and/or industry) to explore and establish collaborations and partnering opportunities
• Outstanding organizational and administrative skills and a demonstrated ability to excel in a demanding, outcome-driven environment
• Demonstrated project management and team management skills
• Expert knowledge of the industry and private/public partnerships, technology transfer and commercialization, and business development
• Experience with leading effective promotional campaigns and working with internal and external constituents and the media
• Comprehensive knowledge of communications and marketing and techniques to develop and execute promotional strategies and plans
• Demonstrated drive and ability to solve complex problems and lead with a positive attitude
• Experience with developing and executing strategic plans and initiatives for academic, nonprofit, government entities or similar organizations
• Strong relationship building skills and a proven ability to negotiate and work with high-level executives
• Demonstrated ability to plan and coordinate events and develop programs that promote community development
• Excellent written and oral communication skills and demonstrated ability to communicate complex, technical content with a scientific and technical audience
• Always conducts himself/herself at the highest levels of personal and professional integrity and ethical standards