Marketing Director

Mountain Khakis is your premium outdoor apparel outfitter. Born on the rugged frontier of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and groomed on southern charm, we offer premium and durable design with bold, timeless style.

As the Marketing Director of Mountain Khakis, you are responsible for driving rich and premium brand and product marketing stories in support of all three revenue channels. You will work closely with each of the revenue drivers as you understand their needs, their channels and most importantly their revenue expectations. Their revenue expectations are your revenue expectations.

Each season, you will develop a deep understanding of the product strategy as you craft a seasonal marketing plan and then pitch the plan to both the President and each of the revenue drivers. In your marketing plan you will break down each season into sub-season, month, week and day as you develop continuity and flow through the season.

In addition to developing each seasonal marketing plan, you will brief in the Creative Team who all report directly to you. This means briefing the Creative team as to your seasonal creative needs (in supporting all revenue channels) and executing against relevant seasonal appropriateness from a climate/weather standpoint.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that your creative vision is executed through each channel. Specifically, this means that your creative vision comes to life on the website, social media and other paid digital mediums including email, look books, catalogs and workbooks. This means you will work with the digital team to bring your campaigns and creativity to life including videos, lifestyle and outdoor shoots etc.

To lead marketing is to also have a deep understanding of our customers and their behavioral habits. You will allocate time each week to be inside the Lexer CDP tool as you learn from customer behavior and inform your marketing decisions on the insights you personally gain. You will share these insights with your team each week as we customize marketing messages based on how our customer wants to receive our messages.

For 2021 we are also going to move relationship marketing in its entirety (with the exception of influencers). This means you will be responsible for managing the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary program, and any other programs the business may decide to collaborate with. This means managing the relationship, budget, and activating regularly around those programs.

Measuring your own success is a critical part to the role. You will constantly be reviewing the effectiveness of each campaign, and the revenue or value created across all revenue channels, and you will report that back to both the President and Leadership team on a seasonal/monthly/quarterly basis.

As a small business, the expectation is that we will be agile and nimble. While we don’t want this capability to detract us from our seasonal plans, we do encourage the agility to respond and react as we capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves. This includes the ability to pivot each day as we chase revenue goals.

Finally, working with the Director of Product, you will brief in the Graphic Designer on the seasonal design briefs for our printed product needs. This includes graphics required for t-shirts, belts, hats and other product categories that may require art. You will ensure the Graphic Designer completes these designs in accordance with the requirements of the product calendar.

• Develop and maintain a deep understanding of our customers as an expert of the Lexer CDP tool. Through understanding our customers, you can create the most effective marketing campaigns
• Set the seasonal marketing plans for approval by the President
• Host the seasonal marketing campaign kickoff with the Leadership Team, encouraging them to bring ideas to those sessions as you listen to different ideas that may come from various parts of the company
• Present your seasonal Marketing Plan to your team and brief them accordingly so they can execute against your plan
• Lead and manage seasonal content strategy from conception, production and execution including photoshoots, campaigns, product videos, set-rooms, model selections etc
• Manage production of seasonal sell-in collateral (workbooks, lifestyle photography, product photography)
• Understand the seasonal graphic art, prints, patterns, embroidery and hangtag needs as briefed by the Product Team and then brief your graphic designer for the creation of graphic t-shirts and graphic headwear
• Collaborate with Direct-to-Consumer team to drive eCommerce strategy, brand placement, consumer email calendar and seasonal content roll-out
• Manage and evolve brand standards guide and implementation of corporate branding throughout the company
• Collaborate and drive strategy for copywriting and direct to consumer email touchpoints
• Manage the Marketing budget and plan/execute pre-season content shoots a year and in-season content shoots through the year as well as supplemental in-house/studio content shoots
• Manage physical assets and in-house studio, equipment and set-room
• Manage the seasonal roll-out of product assets as they apply to various mediums (sized for web, NuOrder, print etc)

Supervisory responsibilities including direct reports:
• Graphic Designer
• Brand Image Specialist

• Ability to manage and plan your annual budget
• Thorough understanding of the Marketing tools and platforms within the business
• Solid knowledge of the latest suite of Adobe Cloud programs as well as other design-related software
• Proficient understanding of typography, composition, layout and color
• Leadership and team management
• Organization and time management
• Communication through various mediums
• Keen eye for design, style and trends
• Have the ability to work well in a team as well as individually
• Can present work with confidence and clarity

Reasoning ability:
Must be an open-minded and positive collaborator with the ability to think critically.

Computer skills:
Should have knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). Should be a source of knowledge for Adobe Creative Suite.

To apply:
Please send your resume and qualifications to